ASUS’ new PadFone Infinity officially official with Snapdragon 800, microSD slot and design tweaks; Still lacks keyboard dock

ASUS' new PadFone Infinity

Just as we previously reported, ASUS has officially unveiled the new PadFone Infinity with faster chip (Snapdragon 800) and a microSD card slot. In addition, the phone part also has a few subtle design tweaks, including a diamond cut on the metallic backside that gives it a more premium look and feel. Android 4.2.2 (rather than 4.1) with ASUS’ tweaks is running the show right from the get-go.

Alongside the memory expansion slot, ASUS also cut the amount of built-in storage from 32 or 64 gigs to 16 or 32, which isn’t a problem since you can always add more space with a microSD card.

Unfortunately though, keyboard dock is still not included as part of the deal and you’ll rather have to use some Bluetooth-enabled keyboard in order to type faster. That’s kinda shame cause we liked the full configuration that turned a smartphone into a tablet, and then into a small laptop.

On the plus side, the tablet dock has been unchanged meaning that existing PadFone owner will be able just to buy the “new phone part.”

Price wise, the new PadFone Infinity alone will cost NT$18,990 (about $640) off-contract, while the tablet dock will get NT$7,000 ($240) out of your pocket. It will be available in two new color options – “Titanium Black” and “Platinum White.”

[Via: Engadget]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    No keyboard dock = no money from me. It’s simple as that.

  • Ford Terrill

    Two things that should be mentioned with all of these… A) Will it be sold in the US and B) What networks would it work on (primarily an issue if you have to buy it on your own from another country)

  • Sam

    COME ON!!!
    Asus just went and pulled an “iPhone” on us. This is Basically a Padfone 3S.
    With all the buzz since the Padfone 2, they still haven’t brought back the keyboard

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