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Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Google Glass

Google Glass is paving the way for new forms of wearable technology. While a good chunk of people will likely opt for a smartwatch to pair with their smartphone before something like Glass, this form of wearable tech is coming, and it’s coming fast. That said, while Glass may be one of the more interesting pieces of equipment in the growing market of wearable technology, the first generation just might not be worth it for a few reasons. Google is expected to release a consumer version of the device early Read more

The Smartphone Prophecies – 5 Ways in Which This Device Will Change your Life In the Future

Smartphones are making their presence felt in all facets of a person’s life. Some believe that that these devices have brought the future closer, and while this is a truth that cannot be denied, there are plenty of features and functionalities that have yet to come to your smartphone. Let’s take a look into the crystal ball and see what the future holds for the smartphone. I love making predictions about the future of a particular technology as it helps me think out of the box. What’s more history is Read more

Why Apple Has Already Won the Mobile Payments War

It’s so easy, so convenient and so magical. No, I’m not referring to the latest device by Apple, but one of the underlying processes that changed the fundamental dynamics of making a purchase on mobile devices: Apple’s one-click payment system, or iCurrency. Yes, I know, there is no such thing called iCurrency. Call it whatever you like, the fact is – today, Apple has driven more than 10 billion downloads of digital content through iTunes (e.g., music, movies, TV shows and e-books, etc.). If Apple opens up their one-click system Read more

Mobile Apps: Native or Web? Where are we going?

You have a couple choices when it comes to mobile apps. You can download and install a mobile app that’s been specifically created for your smartphone, or you can simply hop online and use a web-app through your smartphone’s web browser. Now that web technology is advancing to the point where web-apps can perform many of the tasks traditionally associated with native apps, we have to wonder where apps are headed. There’s been more and more discussion among developers, handset vendors, platform owners and now advertisers on where the future Read more

What’s Next for iPhone 4G?

With all the hype over Apple’s iPad announcement now behind us, Apple-eyes have now turned their attention to what might be on the docket for the anticipated release of iPhone 4G. We’ve torn down and rebuilt thousands of iPhones over the last few years and talked with scores of customers about how they’re using it and what’s important—and not important—to them. Based on Apple’s past patterns of gadget refreshes plus the design and hardware unveiled in the iPad, here are our predictions for what we can expect from the iPhone Read more