LightSquared seeks bankruptcy protection


LightSquared has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy status, according to a report from Bloomberg. The company once heralded for attempting to bring high-speed wireless access to as many as 260 million Americans met tough criticism from the FCC, which found that LightSquared’s technology had the potential to essentially unleash fury on GPS networks akin…

LightSquared given brief reprieve from payment it owes Inmarsat


Once facing bankruptcy¬†and defaulting on owed payments, LightSquared has been given a reprieve in its payment schedule with Inmarsat. LightSquared and Inmarsat have announced this morning that it has reached an agreement with Inmarsat to amend the Cooperation Agreement between the to companies, after a $56.5 million payoff of past balances by LightSquared. The amended…

Senators ask the FCC to save LightSquared


Ah, LightSquared. What once was part of Sprint’s grand scheme to bring an LTE network to the masses is now in desperate need of saving. LightSquared has invested billions of dollars into plans for a nationwide 4G LTE network, only to find the chosen spectrum has a good chance of interfering with critical GPS devices…

It’s official: Sprint has cancelled their contract with LightSquared, will repay $65 million


Two years ago a scrappy newcomer called LightSquared announced plans to revolutionize the American wireless industry. Their plan was simple: Build a nationwide 4G LTE network that other companies would then lease so they could sell access to consumers. Think of it this way, back in the 1990s there were hundres of internet service providers…

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