CES 2012

CES 2012: Samsung booth tour


While we’d imagine Samsung is saving new smartphone hardware for Mobile World Congress next month but it’s booth at CES this year was definitely a sight to see. While its TVs dominated the announcements this year, Samsung’s booth was filled to the edges when we took a look around. Here are a few highlights. We…

CES 2012 Catch-up: Verizon Booth Tour


Only a few handsets were announced for Verizon at CES this year but that didn’t keep Big Red from having quite the booth. The entire theme was surrounded on it’s 4G/LTE network and how it can affect your every day life. We went around and snapped a few shots of the booth for you all…

WOWee ONE and MicroVision team-up over a portable speaker/projector device

WOWee ONE and MicroVision team-up over a portable speaker/projector device

Maker of the ultra-portable speakers WOWee ONE and MicroVision, the leader in ultra-miniature laser display technology, teamed-up to “bring enhanced mobile visual and audio experiences” to smartphone and tablet users. By combining WOWee ONE’s Gel-Audio based portable speakers with MicroVision’s products based on PicoP portable display engine technology, the two companies are giving users the…

Hands-On: LG Viper LTE for Sprint


While the Galaxy Nexus will likely steal most of the thunder when it comes to Sprint’s new LTE handsets, we definitely haven’t forgotten about LG’s offering for the network, the Viper LTE. We got a little time with the handset during a Sprint event at the Venetian, so read on to get the rundown. While the Viper…

CES 2012: Recapping the wild week

CES 2012

Find all of our CES 2012 coverage here Check out the major mobile devices announced at CES 2012 Well, it’s been a heck of a week but CES 2012 is over and there’s no doubt that mobile is becoming a bigger part of the show every year. We’re still going to have more videos and…

Devices of CES 2012 chart


We prepared a chart showing all devices U.S. carriers announced at the CES in Las Vegas as well as “other notable devices” we think are cool. Moving your mouse over each phone will show a larger image and clicking on it will get you to an appropriate post with more details. Check it out here…

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