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Dell not returning to the smartphone market

Dell not returning to the smartphone market

A day after securing control of the company he founded, Michael Dell has ruled out an attempt by the firm to develop a range of smartphones. Speaking to CNBC, Michael Dell said that the company would instead maintain a position as a re-seller of phones made by other companies, adding that they will “participate in…

Apple tops HP in mobile PC sales


Thanks in large part to its iPad tablet computer, Apple has been crowned the king in mobile PC sales, according to an NPD report. NPD defines mobile PCs as tablet and laptop computers, the latter of which has been completely dominated by Apple’s iPad line of devices. Apple is estimated to have sold a whopping 17.2…

Dell’s working on new smartphones for the end of 2012

Dell Venue Pro gets a firmware update to fix Wi-Fi lockup issue

Yesterday, a report from PC World suggested that Dell was terminating its smartphone line. The author was not sure if Dell was abandoning smartphones completely or whether the company still had new phones on its end-of-the-year roadmap. A company spokesperson reached out to PC World again to clarify this point and confirmed that Dell will produce…

Dell may end all smartphone sales in the US

Dell Venue Pro

A report from PC World suggests Dell may kill its smartphone line. According to PC World, Dell’slast remaining phones, the Windows Phone-powered Venue and the Venue Pro, will no longer be sold in the US. A few remaining models will continue to be sold in India, China, Japan and South Korea. An unamed Dell spokesman…

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