• http://profiles.google.com/kentuckyloan joel lobb

    Nice Review Simon. You nailed it. I think I prefer the 9850

  • Rocmon

    sweet device, so – is there enough good to drop $700 to replace my 9800?

    • http://www.intomobile.com/ Simon Sage

      I don’t think so… Maybe if you had a 9700 or a Tour. Hold out for the New Year and see what QNX brings to the table.

  • Advaita2

    Dear Simon..please clarify .. When I receive a mail in which a few columns & rows of data from an MS Excel sheet has been copied & pasted on the main body of the mail…will I be able to see the rows & columns as it is in my inbox mail…currently in my Curve, it appears as palin text with no rows or columns showing… Thanks in advance, Mani

  • Toufic Habli

    I did change my 9800 to 9810…. i like the 9810 it is much faster….. the Bold 9900 is ugly despite of the keybaord luxury…

  • Rudytorres

    Please help, my BB Torch 9810 keeps opening messages automatically, LED is not longer a signal  for me to new mail message … Its driving me crazy …..

  • AMAR

    plz suggest…BB 9900 or 9810…?? considering the battery life in both…

  • http://www.blackberry-unlocking.org/unlock-blackberry/9100 Blackberry unlocking

    It’s a nice device, I more like the new Blackberry bold 9790 but the Blackberry Torch 9810 is also not bad and the OS7 makes everything looks much nicer then on the Blackberry Torch 9800.. 

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