Official: Nokia N95 with USA 3G and 1200 mAh battery


Less than a day after Dusan brought us news that GigaOm met up with the CEO of Sling Media to demo a N95 working on the America 3G network, the official sales flyer leaks out. It is still a quadband phone, but the 3G is now dualband 850/1900 MHz instead of the European 2100 MHz. The battery size has also increased to 1200 mAh, something the N95 should have had from the start. The back is now black as well and it ships with a 1GB microSD card.

Will the N95 8GB come with this larger battery? We certainly hope so.

Can the current N95’s out there use the new 1200 mAh battery? Again, we can only hope.

[Full size pictures: Symbian-Guru]

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