Intel’s iPhone clone, we’re not joking

In an effort to preserve Moore’s law that states the number of transistors on a die will double every 24 months those transistors had to become smaller. With that shrinking you’ve always witnessed the shape of personal computers change. What a 12 inch laptop can do now is more than what most computers 5 years ago that sat on your desk could have possibly done. What is after the laptop? People have this UMPC obsession, others want internet devices like the N800, but what about your pocket? In a space that is dominated by embedded processors from ARM, again think of a cellphone from 5 years compared to the N95 or TyTN II, Intel is now saying it can provide computing horsepower that will adhere to ultra low power requirements. Here is their concept:


May not be pocketable, but what about this sucker:


Looks like a cell phone, even has a number pad on the front. If you think your cell phone can do a lot now, wait another 5 years.

[Via: The Inquirer]

Update: Recommended article on Anandtech, plus some pictures:



Update #2: Picture from Daily Tech:


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