Beware of the fake iPhone Nano!

Fake iPhone Nano!

There’s is no such thing as iPhone Nano — or at least we don’t know about it at this stage. We guess and hope Apple will make something like that, but in the meantime you should be aware of any such scams. The device on the image above does look real but it’s not the Mac OS that runs under the hood. It’s yet another clone/ripoff coming from China. When I’m on the subject, it’s worth nothing they (Chinese handset cloners) are getting better and better every day, and soon enough we’ll all have to be experts to realize which device is real and which the cheap clone…

[Via: Gizmodo]

  • opal

    im 11 and im thinking about buying a fake iphone there the same as a real iphone but in your message it say fake onces are ripoff so what does that make apple iphone ❓ i no a lot about how every thing is done and you get them for cheap and sell them for verry expensive 😯 so every 1 mayaswell buy fake onces there cheaper and the same!

  • Jordan

    hah. wow kid. that is one of the dumbest things i have ever heard.
    they look kinda like it, but they don’t have the same software or parts.

    cheap clones for cheap people.

  • yo

    11 you dont even need a cell phone lol they would break so fast

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