Video: Quake running on Nokia N95 8GB

Now this is what I call mobile gaming. Just imagine this baby connected a Bluetooth keyboard and a TV set and voila… you get the real gaming console. Enjoy the short demonstration of Quake running on the Nokia N95 8GB. Yeah, it brings back some memories… 🙂


  • Chris P

    If tis has been possible for months on the N95, whats the difference with this? ie this is old news!

  • dusanb

    Yeah, you’re right. I just figured it’s THE N95 8GB we’re talking about here and thought people would love to see it running the demanding (3D) game.

  • Chris P

    Fair do’s) The N95 8Gb looks so much better stylewise than the 95. Id love to see a vod of half life 1 running on it, I believe it can.:)

  • dusanb

    Yeah, I would love to see that too although I think the game would have to be optimized first (and I hope it will be). 🙂

  • reptile18

    So you can actually use the bluetooth keyboard for gaming and not just messaging and web-browsing?

  • dusanb

    Bluetooth keyboard let’s you control your phone like the keypad, hence you can play with it. Truth to be said I haven’t tried it with NGage games, but as far as I see – it should work.

  • Tom

    wow that brings me back…. I

  • lol


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