iPhone video recording, more features coming soon?

iPhone updates coming soon with Video recordingAs long as the iPhone hacking community keeps jailbreaking the latest iPhone firmware updates, we have no problem with updating our handsets. However, should there come a time when iPhone hackers are unable to find a way into the iPhone’s file-system, Apple had better offer us some really, really, enticing features to get us to update our iPhones – features like video recording, iChat, MMS, stereo Bluetooth.

Well, we could be getting those sought after features in the near future. Pocket-lint is reporting that they have confirmation from an Apple spokesperson that “plenty more upgrades” are planned for the future. “All the complaints and feature requests we’ve had can be fixed and added by software upgrades,” said the Apple spokesperson.

There is even talk of Apple adding video recording functionality and integrating a YouTube uploading feature. And industry insider told Pocket-lint that, “They [Apple] aren’t stupid. They won’t want to give you everything at once. You wait, there will an exciting partnership with YouTube that adds video functionality and then lets you upload to the site in no time.”

So, only time will tell if Apple will be releasing highly-sought-after features like video recording, iChat, and MMS. We really want some added Bluetooth support in the next update. But, as far as video uploading to YouTube, that’s highly unlikely. Downloading YouTube videos are painful enough over AT&T’s EDGE network, but uploading would be just excruciating. Hey Apple, Bluetooth keyboards! You have a great wireless keyboard that we’d love to use with our iPhones.

[Via: MacRumors]

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