SunCom first to release BlackBerry 8120 Pearl

RIM BlackBerry 8120 Pearl on SunComFancy that WiFi-packing BlackBerry 8120 Pearl that T-Mobile is slated to launch in February (you know, after they clear out existing 8100 Pearl-stock)? Well, if you happen to be within SunCom’s coverage area and have an extra $220 to spend, you can now grab-up a BlackBerry 8120 Pearl from SunCom. The $200 price tag includes contract-subsidization and rebates, so you had better be sure you really want a WiFi smartphone that doesn’t even sport a full-QWERTY keyboard – although, we hear that some people really dig that SureType keyboard.

Interestingly, SunCom was recently acquired by T-Mobile. How does a subsidiary launch a highly-anticipated handset before the parent? When the parent company still has boatloads of current-generation BlackBerry 8100 Pearl inventory to clear out before they launch the WiFi-enabled version.

The SunCom-branded BlackBerry 8120 Pearl will run you the aforementioned $220 and is available in the “Blue” that you see above. If you like the more muted “Amethyst” offering from T-Mobile, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer.

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