Apple releases iPhone v1.1.4 firmware update – no iPhone SDK yet

Apple releases iPhone v1.1.4 firmware update through iTunesYea, great. So it looks like the iPhone v1.1.3 firmware isn’t going to be “the” firmware that will play nice with Apple’s forthcoming iPhoneSDK -based third-party applications.

With no mention of the iPhone SDK, Apple has gone and released an update to the iPhone’s firmware lineup. It seems like just yesterday that Apple dropped the iPhone v1.1.3 firmware on us, but such is the game between cat and mouse. The iPhone v1.1.4 firmware is now available through iTunes.

The new code “fixes bugs and supersedes all previous versions,” so if you like your third-party applications and all the joy that comes with a jailbroken iPhone, you’ll want to stay away from the iPhone v1.1.4 firmware. At least, you’ll want to hold off on updating to the new firmware until the iPhone hacking community jailbreaks the iPhone v1.1.4 firmware.

If you’re more the “by the books” type of person, go ahead and connect your iPhone to your computer and hit the “Update” button in iTunes. Let us know if it was worth it. We’re going to put our money on “No, it wasn’t.”

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