Bell bringing Samsung Instinct to Canada on August 8

It’s no surprise that Sprint’s hottest-selling smartphone would eventually make it to the Great White North. The Samsung Instinct’s GPS and mobile TV-laden feature-set is a sure-fire hit that’s not going to be satisfied with just blowing the doors off the US CDMA market.

Bell Mobility has just confirmed that our friends to the North will be getting their iPhone-fighting fix soon enough. With the launch of the Bell Samsung Instinct on-track for an ASprint Samsung Instinctugust 8th release, the Samsung Instinct is poised to go up against GSM heavyweights like the iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Bold 9000. Bell will be offering the Samsung Instinct at a subsidized price-point similar to what we see here in The States – $149.95 with a three-year contract, $249.95 on a two-year contract or $399.95 with a one-year contract. Of course, Canadians with deeper pockets and a more significant aversion to contracts can get their Samsung Instinct free and clear for the retail price of $449.95.

The full-body touchscreen and and full-HTML web browser, not to mention the integrated GPS hardware, are likely to be key selling points as the Bell-branded Samsung Instinct gets ready to take on the touchscreen competition.

Adel Bazerghi, Vice President, Products for Bell Mobility said, “We are thrilled to offer Canadians this beautifully designed and intelligent device. Accessing the Internet, listening to downloaded music or satellite radio, watching TV or using it as a GPS system… Data pricing plans available with the Samsung Instinct will offer also exceptional value and let clients take full advantage of Bell Mobility’s wide range of data services.”

It sure is good to see at least one Canadian wireless carrier offering decent data rates on a handset that’s meant to surf the web with abandon. Bell Mobility is offering a $10 Unlimited Mobile Browser add-on to any qualifying voice plan. While Rogers’ customers will be forking over upwards of $115 for a combined voice and data plan with unjust data transfer caps, Bell subscribers will no doubt be surfing those intertubes without a care for data limits.

[Via: MobileSyrup]

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