Mobile Brands will treble Mobile Marketing spend by 2013, says report

Major brands in the financial services, retail, and maunfacturing sectors will invest heavily in Mobile Marketing in the next 5 years, says UK OpCo Telefonica O2.

Apparently two-thirds of businesses state that mobile marketing campaigns generate a higher response rate than traditional methods, due to the personalisation/targeting element. Interestingly, 88% of marketing directors anticipate that behavourial targeting will be an important new element for customer insights by 2010.

On the reception side (i.e. the customer) however, 46% of those in the study were concerned about text messages as spam (I’m not worried, my friends send me enough messages that I regard as spam anyway!).

Of course marketing messages can take many forms, such as competitions, info services, booking confirmations (with extra promo text), appointment updates (agan with the promo text), and call backs / email campaigns.

Speaking of text messaging, this would also be the most popular medium for Mobile Marketing – probably due to it’s ubiquity.

O2 commissioned Vanson Bourne in May 2008 to survey IT directors and marketing directors in 100 leading brands about their current and future plans for mobile marketing.

[Via: Cellular News]

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