166 SMS text messages sent through O2’s network on New Year’s Eve!

Talk about a record! O2 has announced that their network ushered a record-setting 166 million SMS text messages over a 24 hour period that ended 7:30am on New Year’s Day (Jan. 1). That works out to a whopping 1,900 text messages sent every single second of the day!

The rush of wireless subscribers sending out celebratory “Happy New Year!” text messages wasn’t exactly unexpected. Last year, we saw wireless networks become overloaded with text messages. The shear volume of text messaging subscribers was enough to delay text messages for several minutes, in some cases even failing to deliver messages.

Still, it’s interesting to see demand for SMS text messages increasing steadily. Let’s hope carriers don’t take this as a reason to hike their text message rates.


Thanks, kranzy!

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