New iPhone Design Concept from Matt Brady and Jesus Diaz: iClamshell Anyone?

I’ve got another new iPhone concept for you today! Last week we all took a look at the iPhone Pro and iPhone Elite concepts, both of these having a slider form factor that some loved, and others hated. I had to admit both concepts made me a bit giddy. This new one has me smiling as well.

The new concept (as designed by Matt Brady, with some retouching by Jesus Diaz of Giz) is another offering for us to ponder… And yes, these are the same 2 designers that were responsible for the iPhone Pro/Elite mockups. Great work guys! This new design concept looks to be a clamshell (er, ‘iClamshell’?) that would allow the iPhone user to ‘add on’ different accessories. In this case, a snap-on keyboard. Interesting. This would certainly open up the door for Apple and a lot of 3rd party accessory manufacturers to go nuts with add-ons for the device.

But enough about that, what the heck do you think of this concept? Would it fly? Is it something you’d be interested in? Or does it look just plain terrible to you? Tell me what you think in the comments.

One thing is for certain… These concepts are great, and they certainly get you thinking about what you want in your next gen iPhone… But the real important thing is what does Apple think you want in your next gen iPhone!? We’ll find out shortly at Macworld. Going to be lots of good stuff to talk about following the keynote, that’s for sure!

[TiPB via Gizmodo]

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