Clearwire taps Cisco as WiMAX network infrastructure partner

cisco-logo-250Clearwire is working to get their 4G WiMAX network up to nationwide status before year’s end. We’re all still waiting to see if a coast-to-coast WiMAX network has what it takes to compete with HSPA+ and LTE data networks planned by the likes of AT&T and Verizon Wireless for the near future. To that end, Clearwire has announced that it will team up with Cisco to make mobile WiMAX a reality for millions of Americans.

Cisco has been tapped by Clearwire to bring consumer WiMAX devices to market and to provide backbone infrastructure for the nationwide WiMAX network.

“By teaming with Cisco, one of the world’s most forward-looking IP network infrastructure providers, we’re building a robust and cost-efficient next-generation network that’s designed specifically for delivering rich broadband services,” said Scott Richardson, Chief Strategy Officer of Clearwire. “In addition, Cisco plans to develop WiMAX technology for end-user devices, which will give consumers and businesses more compelling ways to stay connected through our CLEAR 4G service.”

Sprint’s bet on WiMAX may pay off if Clearwire can go truly nationwide in in the next several months. After that, AT&T’s HSPA+ network is going to give Sprint and Clearwire a run for their money.

[Via: WSJ]

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