48% of Americans Willing to Ditch Mobile Data

surveysezWhile cell phones are somewhat recession-proof in their necessity, a recent survey of some 1,110 people revealed a solid 48% would completely ditch their mobile data service in the face of financial crisis. Across all of the services (broadband internet, digital television, fixed voice, mobile voice and mobile data), none of them showed any indication of upgrading to a higher tier of service, and the sizeable majority (67%) wouldn’t change their broadband internet service. That says pretty clearly that most folks see mobile internet services as a luxury ripe for sacrificing since they can always use their home internet, and puts into question all of those glowing analyst forecasts about the future of mobile data. What do you guys think? I’m not sure if I could lose data service altogether – mobile GPS is just too useful for me to not have.

[via BusinessWire]

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