The Color Rings ‘Handset’ Design Concept from bck


Talk about a unique design. This accessory would not only be ultra-portable, but it would double as a fashion accessory too. ‘The Color Rings’ design concept from bck is truly one-of-a-kind. Working together with your cellphone (via Bluetooth I would imagine), the ‘rings’ would be worn on your thumb and little finger… One ring works as the microphone, and the other is the headset. Brilliant. There would even be built-in distance sensors, allowing you to send or receive a call simply by placing your hand up to your head.

Description from the designers at bck:

The color rings are an accessory for cell phones that are inspired in the gestural language of the use of the phone. It is conceived as an extension of the hand, which makes their use a more natural one, and more comfortable and more attractive as well. The rings are thought to be either an electronic component, or a fashion accessory. They were designed to be worn in the thumb and pinkie fingers, and work as a microphone and headset, respectively. These, interconnected wirelessly with the phone, allow responding calls only by separating the fingers and speaking, using distance sensors between rings to activate the call.

I think this concept could go a long ways for all my surfer buddies…They’re busy ‘hanging loose’ anyway. Would work well, although they’d have to keep the rings away from the water 🙂 And now that I think of it… I suppose this wouldn’t be a Bluetooth Headset… but rather a Bluetooth Handset? Oh my.


Your thoughts?

[Via: The Design Blog]

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