Adobe’s Connect Pro brings Flash to iPhone through back door

Adobe’s Connect Pro Mobile for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a solid, free way to connect to Web conferences on the go, but what’s really interesting is that this is the first app that has shoehorned Flash on the platform. The app was created in Flash Professional CS5 beta and uses Adobe’s Packager converter to work on the iPhone.

As for the app itself, it gives mobile workers the ability to join Adobe Connect session over Wi-Fi or 3G. It includes video and screen-sharing capabilities, live text chatting and VoIP meeting audio can be streamed to the handsets. The app is free but the Connect service costs businesses at least $45 a month.

I poked around with the app a little and it looked clean and functional, which is a good indicator of what can come from Adobe’s converter. Flash developers still greatly outnumber iPhone developers but we all know Apple CEO Steve Jobs isn’t a big fan of Flash. The Packager should be a good workaround for some Flash content creators to get on this increasingly-important platform.

Adobe Connect Pro Mobile (Free) [iTunes Link]

[Via Adobe]

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