MOG releasing mobile music app for Android, iPhone

MOG said Monday it will be bringing an application to Android and iPhone that will let users have all-you-can-access music downloads and streaming tracks.

The cloud-based music service offers users access to more than 7 million songs for a $5 monthly fee, and the mobile app will be double that price (due to increased licensing fees) but it will allow users to download tracks to the device for offline access. You’ll have the choice of being able to download a 64 Kbps AAC-plus file or 320 Kbps file over WiFi, EDGE or3G. The company will also include its radio functionality, which allows users to create play lists based on artists, genre and other factors.

Look for MOG’s mobile app to hit in the second quarter and it will have a lot of competition. Pandora doesn’t offer the same ability to choose your songs but the streaming service is routinely the most-downloaded on smartphones. Rhapsody also plans to offer a very similar mobile music service soon, but it’s subscription fee will be $15 a month. There’s still a chance Apple won’t let these programs in the App Store, but I’m hoping it may be a bit more permissive to develop the iPhone app ecosystem.

[Via TechCrunch]

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