eBay expects $5 billion in mobile sales this year

eBay expects $5 billion in mobile sales this year

Mobile channel is working like a charm for eBay, with the company revising its m-commerce forecast for this year – from $4 to $5 billion. The new figure comes after eBay reported that revenue for the third quarter (ended September 30, 2011), increased 32% compared to the same period of 2010.

British eBay users are apparently pretty tech-savvy when we have mobile sales accounting for more than 10% of all purchases on eBay UK. On the similar note, it is said that an item is sold on the eBay mobile platform every second!

Finally, we have the words of eBay UK’s Retail Director Angus McCarey to share – he said: “Mobile has fundamentally changed the way people shop, and mobile sales on eBay are growing in triple digits. As mobile continues to blur the online and offline commerce environment, our focus is on enabling all commerce by helping consumers shop anytime, anywhere and with any device, and by helping retailers keep up with technological advancements.”

[Via: cellularnews]

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