Google Glass to be Available for Under $1500 by end of 2013

According to the Verge, Google will be making its Google Glass wearable tech available for sale to the public at the end of 2013. The price tag is a bit hefty, coming in at a little under $1500. Google has stated that it intends to have a “fully-polished” version of Glass available, and that the wearable tech will be compatible with Apple and Android platforms.

Google has been elusive about the release date of Glass, with Sergey Brin suggesting a public release of Glass in 2014, and a report from the New York Times last year suggested that Google would be targeting an end of the year 2013 release. But now, we have a Google official who is stating that Glass will indeed be released to the public at the end of 2013.

So, are you excited to shell out $1500 for Google’s cool new toy? While Google Glass may help usher in the era of wearable tech, it may be awhile before we see the general public walking around with the device.


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