Do we need a device that combines a mini projector, mobile hotspot and backup battery in a small package?

Sprint LivePro

The other day we’ve told you about ODIN, the Android-based portable projector, and now we have Sprint announcing something similar though arguably even cooler. For one thing, the new Sprint LivePro is readily available whereas the ODIN won’t hit the market before December. Moreover, the device Now Network is selling also doubles as a mobile hotspot and backup battery, but… it’s not as nearly as powerful as ODIN. Instead of packing a quad-core chip, the LivePro has a dual-core one. Similarly, it has just 1GB of RAM (instead of 2 gigs) and a 100 lumen bulb — in comparison, the ODIN has a slightly more powerful 115 lumen bulb. On the plus side, Sprint’s device supports full HD resolution.

So it’s not that easy to decide which of the two products is better. And really, the two portable projectors aren’t really competing: while the ODIN is envisioned as a stand-alone product, the Sprint LivePro is made to connect to existing smartphone or tablet. Sure enough, it can also be used as a standalone media player, but it really shines if you plug-in an HDMI cable in it or when it’s connected wirelessly via Miracast.

The LivePro goes for $449.99 but you’ll also need some data if you want to use it as a mobile hotspot. The device, in case you wonder, was made by ZTE and unveiled days before CES kicked off in Las Vegas (alongside other ZTE phones).

If I had to choose, I would go for the LivePro; alas, I would want an unlocked version that could sing along just about any network in the world. That sort of device is still not available and we can only hope things will change in the near future. In the meantime, we’re eager to know – which of the two portable projectors you prefer and why?

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I’m all for this device. I already have a smartphone and don’t need a powerful projector…

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