White BlackBerry Passport looks rather awesome, and yes – I want one!

White BlackBerry Passport

The upcoming BlackBerry Passport has been both the darling of the media and the next thing to hate in blogs around the Interwebs. While BlackBerry fans love it, iFanatics think no one will want to buy such phone.

I’m not in any of these two groups but I love the Passport. I would still have to test out that keyboard before spending a single dime, but from what I’ve read – this is the phone that will increase my on-the-go productivity. I get both the big screen and physical QWERTY keyboard beneath, allowing me to type much, much faster. There’s just one thing that bothers me – the Passport looks rather massive and I hope it’s still pocketable enough so that I can carry it with me all day long.

Anyhow, aside from the black version we’ve seen before, the Passport will also be available in white. And it’s not just any white; according to BB Passport designers Brian Paschke and Joseph Hofer, this particular white has been “further tuned for each individual part and material in order to create overall color harmony.” It’s made to match the phone’s stainless steel frame, rocking a porcelain-like coating which is “smooth to the touch” while providing grip.

Sure, that’s just designers praising their work, but I take there’s some truth in there. The image promises one sexy device. And yes – this could easily be my next phone!

Finally, before I let you go – here’s another shot of the white BlackBerry Passport brought to us by the good folks of CrackBerry. Anyone else looking to buy one of these?

White BlackBerry Passport live photo

  • PeterSteinbeck

    To tell you the truth I would dump my Android for this phone. That keyboard looks amazing!

  • jb

    Will bring me back to BlackBerry. Just hope both AT&T and Verizon will carry both models. Can’t wait!

  • Tootall

    It’s a awesome device. I had a chance to use and it takes time to get used too but it is a rocket.

  • Bryan

    The more I look at it. The more I want the white one over black… so white phone with black leather case 😀

  • xBURK

    This is definitely my next device. Also, I can’t remember the last time that my friends and co- workers have also had so much interest in any mobile product. This just may be a huge positive turning point for BlackBerry.

  • Seq

    I want one. Have as private phone used Android devices for the last 5 years or so while my company phones always were BlackBerry. The design looks great and I like the hub of the new BlackBerry system. Hope it won’t cost a fortune

    • jb

      Yup, same and hoping it’s not too much to purchase outright, now with Verizon saying that they are going to start “tethering” grandfathered unlimited data plans, I have no reason to stay with them and want this device unbranded. Either way though it is a must have for me, goodbye rectangular slabs lol.

  • DB

    Ugliest phone ever!!!! Was a long time bb user, switched to the Samsung Note 2 and 3. Won’t look back! Kick a$$ power phones that bb can only dream of making. Sorry bb, new hardware same garbage bb10 software. Good luck when the Note 4 (which I will be buying) and i phone 6 come out!

    • duane534

      “kick a$$ power phones”?


    • DF

      this is one of the very few negative comments about bb10 os I have read (other than the app gap which was filled by Amazon store and third party stores). Too bad there are no specifics given.

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