#Bendgate Continues: Watch Apple’s iPad Air 2 Get Snapped in Half With Bare Hands

#Bendgate is back! Well, maybe it never really went away? At any rate, it would seem that Apple’s just making all of its new products a little too fragile as of late, as the new iPad Air 2 is as susceptible to bends and breaks as the iPhone 6 Plus. According to the video below, it doesn’t take much to snap the iPad Air 2, either; the rather normal looking German guy snaps it in half with just his hands. While most people aren’t going to purposely destroy their expensive new toys, the whole thing still sends up some red flags. One accidental “oops” moment could totally destroy your iPad Air 2, or it could bend gradually over time while you carry it around in your oversized purse, backpack or messenger bag.

So be careful with your new iPads folks, you could end up with a very expensive piece of modern art on your hands.

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