You’ve Gotta Check Out These Hilarious New Moto 360 Ads

Motorola has released four new Moto 360 ads, promoting the company’s Android Wear device with a sprinkle of class and a dash of humor. The spots start off normal enough, with a very fancy sounding narrator praising the round-faced smartwatch. Then the humor kicks in, giving the viewer a chance to let out a little chuckle. If you haven’t been introduced to the Moto 360 yet, these videos are a good place to start. The Android Wear platform is beginning to blossom, and although it is a bit limited now we’ll definitely see more functionality roll out to Android Wear devices in 2015 and beyond.

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Ready for a little Friday laugh? Press play on the videos below and get to know Motorola’s playful side.

  • Avi


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