Floppy Cloud NES and SNES Emulator Live in the iOS App Store – Nab it While You Can!

While Android has a bevy of emulators to choose from, playing classic games on iOS devices without jailbreaking is practically impossible, until today that is. Enter Floppy Cloud, a NES and SNES emulator that is now live on App Store for $1.99. The app allows for game ROMs to be loaded from Dropbox, a FTP server or another iDevice, thus sidestepping the whole mess that Apple takes issue with: the ‘illegal’ ROM residing on your Apple device. ¬†While the app is live now, it may only be a short period of time before Apple pulls it from the App Store as Apple is very stringent about what kind of apps live a long and happy life.

According to Ars Technica, the emulator runs pretty smoothly, and even supports a variety of Bluetooth gamepads and iCade controllers.

Head here to grab Floppy Cloud while you can!


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