BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard slider coming later this year

BlackBerry slider

BlackBerry is returning to the slider phone design later this year! It’s like the Torch on steroids, powered by BlackBerry OS 10, which as you know – enables running of Android apps.

During a press conference at Mobile World Congress, the Canadian company shared the image above on its Twitter account, without going into much details. We were left wondering what kind of hardware this device packs under the hood, but we do know it will boast a “dual curved display” that appears similar to the one Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has. We are hoping for the top-notch specs, but right now we can’t promise a thing.

We do know that the newly announced BlackBerry Leap is an entry-level device and we’re betting its internals have nothing to do with this upcoming portrait slider.

Hopefully, Chen & Co. will share additional details in the days and weeks to come. We at IntoMobile think that there’s a market for phones likes these (equipped with physical QWERTY keyboard) and would like to see more OEMs taking that route.

In the meantime, we’ll see BlackBerry bringing more of its apps and services to other platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows.

  • Jamie

    This may be my Xmas present

  • Chris Mackenzy

    Lolx. Jamie
    I wish I could have one, but who is gona present me ? 🙁

  • Pjay (Patti) Pender

    So now in addition to a questionable OS, they’re bringing back 5 year old design? Is there a market for sliders?

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