Sling updating SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Mobile, Nokia N95 8GB, UIQ; iPhone possible

Sling updating SlingPlayer for Windows MobilePlace-shifting TV programs never had it so good. Sling has announced that they’ll be releasing an updated version of their SlingPlayer for Windows Mobile devices this Spring. WinMo fans rocking a SlingBox at home and SlingPlayer Mobile on their handset can look forward to optimization for newer Windows Mobile devices (both touchscreen and non-touchscreen).

Sling will also be optimizing their Nokia N95 8GB client and has plans to bring the SlingPlayer Mobile to UIQ.

Most interesting is Sling’s mention of the possibility of bringing SlingPlayer Mobile to the iPhone. We’ve heard rumblings of SlingPlayer coming to the iPhone, but this announcement makes the possibility all the more credible. Now, streaming a SlingBox’s feed over an EDGE network is possible (the video stream is automatically adjusted depending on the available bandwidth), but it would be an injustice to the iPhone’s beautiful display to watch TV in low-res. Of course, the more pressing problem is Sling’s use of a WMV video feed instead of the H.264 encoding that iPhones love so much. Let’s hope both those problems get worked out soon.
Hey, Sling, give us iPhone owners any kind of Sling-support and we’ll be happy. We’ll deal with low-res TV feeds for now – until Apple gets real with the 3G iPhone, that is.

[Via: Gizmodo]

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