Android Market sees 9,300 new applications in March – Have the floodgates finally opened?

Holy shit. ReadWriteWeb is reporting that the Android Market saw 9,300 new applications and games in March alone, giving it a total of 27,243 apps in all. While that may be nowhere near the likes of Apple’s App Store,  Google’s OS is now positioned to see continued gains like this month after month.

With new devices like the HTC Evo 4G, Samsung Galaxy S, and many other Android phones coming to market with very impressive and high-end spec sheets, the little green robot-bearing OS has definitely caught the attention of developers. Recent reports indicate higher developer interest in the iPhone and Android, than interest in the iPad, so it looks like not all developers are looking to move to the very small tablet market as of yet.  That may change as many more tablets come out this year, of which most will be running Android.

Last December, the Android Market saw gains of 3,807 new apps coming in. In January, 4,458 applications hit the Android Market. February saw 5,532 new apps in the Market, and March saw the greatest gain the Market has ever seen in a given month, with a total of 9,331 new apps and games that arrived in the Market. So, with some simple math we see that: In January, 651 more applications were added to the Market than December. February saw 1074 more applications than January, and March saw a whopping 3796 more applications than in February. Hopefully the trend sticks. It’s hard to think that it won’t, given some of the best upcoming phones will be powered by the Android OS.

I don’t want to end up eating my own words, but I believe it’s safe to say that the month of April will see either close to, or over 10,000 new applications in the Market.

So, I pass the question to you. Is this just a lucky month? Or do you see this kind of volume only increasing when it comes to new Android applications coming in every Month?

[Via: ReadWriteWeb]

  • mcorbett

    this is great, i love that the android market and platform are seeing recognition, LOVE IT! its great and continues to impress me

  • nub

    i agree with the writer… google’s slowly taking over mobile OS

  • kazgor

    Cool.. but how do you find out what these 9000+ news apps are, can really see me sat on the Mobile looking at Market?

  • Trey

    I actually think there will be less Android apps in April. Unfortunately, now that the iPad is out, if you opt to develop for iPhone OS, you can immediatly release one app across iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad without worrying about any fragmentation. That’s a major attraction for developers – less effort and much wider audience to buy your apps. Not to mention that many think today’s Apple event is going to announce multitasking of 3rd party apps and there’s a new iPhone coming. As a developer, it just makes more sense to me to concentrate on iPhone OS – even with Apples walled garden approach – which regular owners neither know about or care about. It’s just us geeks complaining on that front – and we’re small numbers. Even though we like to think the world revolves around us.

  • Trey

    @kazgor brings up a good point. The great Android apps are buried among tons of “Cute Asian girl” so-called apps that are just wallpaper. Junk apps in Android are really cluttering up the market. Everyone wants to make fun of Apple for fart apps but Apple is at least cleaning up the meaningless apps that do nothing but replicate a web site. Yeah, that is them kinda censoring, but it lets great apps get the spotlight that they deserve.

  • Paul Mikulecky

    It must be great if you can use it. I have Epad made in China with Android 1.7 but I get stuck od “startind download” every time, So far I can only download from Apps store but nevver from Apps market.
    Many sugest to change email to google mail but I do not know how to do that.
    Would anyone please help?

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