Nokia Windows Phone 7 concept phones look a bit drab

Nokia announced early this morning that it would be partnering with Microsoft to product Windows Phone 7 devices. It wasn’t unexpected, but it certainly was a bit of a surprise since we weren’t expecting this sort of announcement until later. Here we are just hours after that announcement and alleged concept phones are already surfacing.

Now, the partnership announcement has just been made, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in these initial images — they’re just concept devices, after all. That means the final product might not look so boring. The hardware does look a bit Nokia-esque, and it’s very strange to see the face of what’s coming – that Windows Phone 7 interface.

Engadget apparently has it on good authority that these are indeed actual Windows Phone 7 Nokia concept phones, but that’s a bit of a strange reassurance to make because, well, they’re concept phones. It means we may never see these particular models hit market. Still, it’s a reminder that this partnership is real and these WP7 devices coming from Finland will be coming soon.

Amongst the three phones, if given a choice, I’d take black. It’s the sexiest looking one of the bunch.

[Via: Engadget]

  • Anonymous

    What makes it drab? Because it’s not an VerIphone? Ha! Seriously? a mock up draws your criticism?

  • sHack24

    Then again this is the most exciting interface we’ve ever seen on a Nokia phone…..sure beats that OS from 2002 called Symbian.
    You know…..the one the children back in Finland went out in a huff about, and took their ball home because they didn’t want to play anymore. So they can go back home to their mom’s and stomp their feet in tantrum over how no one likes their crappy interface !

  • “That means the final product might not look so boring…”
    I know that the matter of design is very subjective, but seriously? Boring? Those phones are anything but boring, if for nothing else, at least the colors. Not that many smart phones are doing that lately. These phones would STAND out.

  • sHack24

    Actually psyched….don’t know if I can wait a year to get my hands on one though….

  • Yea, those look amazing. Look how thin. Can’t see how you could call them drab. I want the Blue one.

  • Why would they get this joke to cover a Windows Phone or Nokia story? By now, everyone should know he is on a strict diet of Apples. Make like the Egyptian President and get out of here.

    These concepts look ready for the masses — hardware wise — I would definitely choose this over my HD7.

  • That looks COOL! Drab? What are you talking about?

    • Anonymous

      As in… if this were launched with the army of WP7 handsets in October with the rest of them, I probably wouldn’t have given it a second look other than maybe, “Oh, Nokia made one, too.”

  • Anonymous

    does the editors on this site drink too much of Android kool aid? they never appreciate anything sans “android” or “apple”, tough not a fan of Nokia actually these models are quite appealing to me

  • Boring …?? They look awesome

  • Guest


  • Anonymous

    Marc Flores has always been a Nokia hater…..take a look at any other Nokia story he has written. This site sucks ever since they let Marc write for them. I used to visit this site more often, but the writers are all biased towards Android or iOS, and the old look of the site was easier to read. Now when you go to this site its ads, ads, ads, …..even when you click “skip this ad” you get another ad, then you get another ad before you can access the site. Marc is a horrible blogger, they got some fugly girl blogger too thats a Nokia hater. The only person worth reading on her is Stefan. Without Stefan, IntoMobile sucks *ss

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree more, I was surprised that the ugliest Droid ever Droid Pro got good remarks from this site, the functionality, battery, screen, keyboard and everything sucks on that phone, had to send it back it back with in a day’s use.

  • These phones are nice. Given the camera of the N8 and a few advances in WP7 and this could compete with some android phones. I still like my Vibrant more though. Overclocked and CM7 😛

  • Not boring at all!!!! Sleek and elegant; just like the WP7 Metro UI.

  • Anonymous

    Why, oh why, couldn’t they have just gone with Android!?!?!?! ugh.

    • Anonymous

      Cause everyone else is doing Android..its crowded already.

      • Anonymous

        Good point. Well, it’s probably a smart move by Nokia, hopefully WP7 will mature and evolve to be a better option.

  • Not only Nokia, all companies should be doing that.

  • Anonymous

    Marc flores Eres un pendejo

  • Oloferik

    Boring? I think it looks great! At least compered wit the Iphone 4

  • desbest

    I love the Nokia WP7 phones. I like the blue one because it’s my favourite colour and they all look sexy. Marc is so biased, and Into Mobile need to hire a new blogger.

  • This design is way too crazy..If it says with the same design am gonna buy it!

  • Johnface

    I’m in the market for a smartphone soon, so I figure I’ll wait for one of these babies. It’s either this or an Iphone for me.

  • Felix Lissaker

    Holy shit, these are beautiful. WP7 software is already great, the hardware sucks, this is exactly wats need. I hope they will release it soon!

  • Reyzhailineroy

    Is nokia Lumia 700 is an android phone?

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