Kyocera Echo for Sprint coming April 17 for $199

Last month we saw Sprint, along with the help of Magician David Blaine, unveil a “world’s first”: a dual-screen Android device known as the Kyocera Echo. It raised more eyebrows than it did applause because it seemed like the last thing the world was yearning for is a dual-screen Android device. It’s almost like a ‘tweener of ‘tweener devices. Let me explain.

At the Sprint event in Februry, Sprint compared the Kyocera Echo to giving a tablet-like experience. What do you do when you want a bigger screen, but your smartphone isn’t enough? Get a tablet! But what if a tablet is too big and cumbersome? Boom. Dual-screen device.

But if the thought of having two screens with which to play, rather than one boring ol’ screen, entices you, it’ll set you back $199 with a two-year contract with Sprint. You can pre-order the device on March 26.

For more details on the Echo and how you can get one, see the press release on the following page.

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