appsbar lets anyone make free iOS and Android apps for free

So far we’ve seen quite a few app building services but none of them was completely free. Enter appsbar, which is touted as the “first cost-free way for any business or person to create professional, multi-function apps” and get them quickly published in Apple’s AppStore and Google’s Android Market.

Anyone can visit appsbar’s website to build, edit and publish their apps. According to the press release, the service was designed to “fill the gap between over-simplified apps and costly, professionally-produced apps” and in that sense provides quite a few extra features, including:

  • Event Notifier – which delivers real-time or scheduled notifications to app users.
  • Menu – allows creating of catalog of products or services.
  • Form Builder – which can be used for customer service surveys, a restaurant to-go order, or answers to questions asked through the app.
  • Social Interaction – adds the ability to share content within an app across social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Soundboard – lets users create a unique “app ringtone” by uploading any sound which can play when a user shakes or taps their mobile device.

In addition, appsbar can also handle RSS, photos and videos like other similar services… You can see how all this works from a video below, demoing how to build a dog walking company iPhone app. Enjoy!

  • Thank you for sharing this thought provoking post !

  • Thank you for sharing this thought provoking post !

  • George

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  • kristin

    Just signed up, quite cool and very essential! Can’t imagine it truly is all cost-free!

  • kristin

    Just signed up, quite cool and very essential! Can’t imagine it truly is all cost-free!

  • kristin

    Just signed up, quite cool and very essential! Can’t imagine it truly is all cost-free!

  • annie

    This is by much the ideal app builder I have noticed. All other individuals (not
    to mention names) are extremely essential and only help RSS, these guys at
    appsbar manufactured it the correct way! Can’t wait till they can be from

  • Dacey

    Best interface that has been going to achieve!

  • Anonymous

    is a very cool tool. You can make a pretty decent app in twenty five minutes
    and it’s free.

  • Ashley Mark


    I used Appsbar to initially develop an Android App.  It was my first time developing and I tried several different online companies – all of which allow you to remove the app from the app store if you want to do something else.  That makes sense.  I wasn’t able to do exactly what I wanted with appsbar – and I used buzztouch to develop what I was looking for.

    3 weeks later….I’ve been getting more proficient in my understanding of app development and have published my own app with buzztouch source code.  However, now, I want to remove the appsbar app from the market place.

    I HAVE EMAILED 4 TIMES AND NO RESPONSE FROM THIS COMPANY.  I can’t remove the app as it is under appsbar robertf – and – I have 2 apps which is confusing to users.


    Not impressed with appsbar.  Image shows the 2 different apps – the top one is the one I created with buzztouch, and the bottom one is with appsbar.
    I want to remove the appsbar app – but no one is responding.



  • Needs to be greater without additional pop with excess press. And should be able to create customize.

  • Bbrower

    I created an app with this tool on 12/22/2011 and it was quickly published to the Android Market but as a full month later it still has not been published to the iTunes store, and the folks at Appbar say they are “having problems” getting iphone apps publshed and don’t have any idea when the issue will be resolved.  My problem with this is that there is NO INDICATION of this on their website.  They make it seem that both versions will be published very quickly.  They need to own up to their problems with publsihing to the iTunes store and make it known on their website.

  • Great post!!!

  • Jake

    Same here Ashley, I’ve emailed them a couple of times and still no reply 🙁 I don’t think you can even delete your account.

  • Bull

    Signed up because it says FREE, It let me make an app. Then says I need to pay to use it or even see if it works.. No thanks.

  • Nick

    Just recently created my first app through Appsbar and I have to say it was quite easy, fun and FREE. They walk you through the entire app making process, allow you to post, write and display just about anything. Only problem part that took some time was the review process, it says 3-5 days i believe but it took mine up to a week to get reviewed and published for download. Once it was added to their marketplace i told my friends about it and have been more and more downloads. Will definitely be creating more apps in the future.

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