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Garmin Vivofit unveiled to take on Fitbit

Garmin Vivofit unveiled to take on Fitbit

These days, major companies are looking at our wrists with dollar signs in their eyes. Not only do they want us to buy their fitness-tracking gear, but they also want us to lead a healthy lifestyle. Or it’s the other way round – we want to lead a healthy lifestyle and they want to provide…

T-Mobile Garminfone gets updated to Android 2.1 Eclair OS


Let’s face it, the Garminfone didn’t do much to really attract customers in buying one of the navigation-focused smartphones. Thankfully, that hasn’t stopped the Android OS updates from trickling out, and the four people who actually bought the Garminfone will be happy to know that the handset has been updated to Android 2.1 Eclair. T-Mobile…

Asus and Garmin parting ways in January?

Garmin and Asus calling it quits in january 2011

Looks like Asus and Garmin are calling it quits come January next year, and we can’t say that we’re surprised. With the crash and burn of the Garminfone, we’re actually more surprised this didn’t happen sooner. This makes strike two for Garmin, with the Nuvifone not quite attracting anyone, either. Now that the two companies…

Garmin evaluating its phone business

Garmin may reconsider its mobile phone business

After we’ve heard word that the Garmin smartphones weren’t selling well the company said in an interview that it will evaluate its phone business if things don’t pick up in the next few quarters. The company is well known for its class of personal navigation devices but that market may be dwindling as convergence take…

Videotron Launches Wireless Network in Quebec with Nexus One


I guess Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Koodo, Virgin Mobile, Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, and Public Mobile just weren’t enough to cover Canada, because Quebecor’s Videotron has just launched their wireless network in our French-speaking province, running on the same AWS bands as Wind Mobile and T-Mobile south of the border. The home networks currently cover Quebec…

T-Mobile cuts price of Garminfone – already


While it’s not the sexiest device around, nor is it something you’ve been pining over like … any other smartphone,¬†some may be happy to hear that T-Mobile has already cut the price of the Garminfone to $129.99. While Garmin said that the Garminfone is selling as they expected it to, there has been some who…

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