Oppo VR headset to be launched alongside the Oppo N3?

Oppo VR headband

Guess who’s planning the join the nascent VR market? That would be Oppo, which according to G4Games plans to compete with the likes of Samsung and Carl Zeiss, as well as Google’s own Cardboard project. The information, in case you wonder, comes straight from the horse’s mouth, Oppo’s official Weibo account, where we caught a…

Verizon to sell Sony SmartWatch 3 for $249

Sony SmartWatch 3

Sony is returning to the U.S. market, having secured a deal with the country’s largest mobile operator, Verizon Wireless. Under the deal, Verizon will get its own variant of the Xperia Z3 — called Xperia Z3v — as well as the Sony SmartWatch 3. Unlike the regular Z3, Verizon’s model will come with support for…

Toshiba working on smart glasses of its own

Toshiba Glass

Toshiba is looking to join the smart glass market, having shown a prototype device at the Ceatec event in Japan this week. Called Toshiba Glass, the device has a small projector clipped onto one of the arms near the lens. Said projector displays an image that reflects off the inside of the lens to provide…

Microsoft unveils DC-21 6000mAh portable charger

Microsoft DC-21 portable charger

Microsoft unveiled its latest mobile accessory – the DC-21 6000mAh portable charger, which will also be known as Microsoft Portable Power. Weighing 145 grams, the charger has a rounded cylindrical design that makes it look compact. There are soft LED lights which tell users how much charging capacity is left, and it takes 4 hours…

webOS smart watch in works?

webOS smart watch in works?

Yup, LG may be working on a webOS-based smart watch. The Korean company said it will use the platform it acquired from HP on its smart TVs, but it looks like they are preparing to bring it to wearables, as well. Details are scarce at the moment and all we have is a teaser at…

Tommy Android smartwatch costs just $74.99

Tommy Android watch

An Android Gear smartwatch gotta cost at least $100, right? Think again. What you can see here is the upcoming Tommy smart watch which will sell for record-breaking $74.99. It’s not as fancy as the LG G Watch R, Moto 360 or Asus ZenWatch, but it costs less money, while delivering all of the same…

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