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Galaxy S5 wireless charging covers get their pages at Samsung’s website

Although the Galaxy S5 won’t come with wireless charging capabilities out of box, users will be able to add this feature by getting a separate cover. These covers already got their pages at Sammy’s website from where we get to learn about different kinds of cases that will be available soon. At the moment, the site lists only black and white charging cases, and you get to choose between a “standard” back plate with a Qi charging module or an S-View Flip Cover model. All four covers come with the Read more

Xiaomi MiKey is an affordable 3.5mm dust-plug button that adds new functionality to the phone

Back in August of last year we were talking about Pressy, the almighty Android button which plugs into the phone’s 3.5mm headset jack to add new functionality. It can be programmed for a number of tasks such as sending a predefined text message to the select contact, taking a quick photo, opening some app, firing-up the flashlight and so on. Best of all, it supports a number of different actions based on the number of clicks. Pressy started life at Kickstarter and managed to surpass its fund-raising goal in less Read more

Geak smartwatch 2 coming soon?

We haven’t covered the original Geak smartwatch even though it was pretty successful in China. But, it also had some flaws that will most likely be addressed in version 2, which has been leaked (and which you can see from the image above). It is not clear what the Geak smartwatch 2 will be all about, but we do expect it to be more open and allow third-party developers to chip-in. The closed platform was one of the major problems of the original device and we’re looking forward to see Read more

Nokia smart watch to be unveiled later this year

Nokia may continue to make some devices after the deal with Microsoft closed. It will stop designing phones but it could easily turn its attention to wearables. Yup, a Nokia smart watch may be released after all, or that at least is what WPCentral’s Daniel Rubino is suggesting. According to him, we won’t be seeing this device at Microsoft’s BUILD conference and will rather have to wait for another few months to get it. We are not sure what this watch will be all about, but chances are it will Read more

Motorola to offer 7 different bands for the Moto 360

When Motorola announced the Moto 360, only metal and a light brown leather band were unveiled. However, once the product is ready for the prime time, users will be able to choose between few additional bands, as seen on the image above. According to AndroidPolice, which managed to capture this screenshot, the Moto 360 product page which was promptly pulled down shows not two but seven different bands for the upcoming smart watch. Users will be able to choose from a number of leather colors, from light tan to green, Read more

Sony won’t adopt Android Wear for smart watches *UPDATE: That could change in the future*

Even though Sony was among the first handset makers to adopt Android, it decided to skip the Android Wear. Instead, it will keep using its own platform, which too is based on Android. “We’ve already invested time and resources on this platform, and we will continue in that direction,” said Ravi Nookala, head of Sony Mobile’s US arm. It makes sense to do this since Sony got a significant expertise while launching its smart watches. In fact, the latest SmartWatch 2 is the fourth generation of the firm’s smartphone companion Read more

Google teams-up with Luxottica to make Google Glass even cooler

You may haven’t heard of Luxottica, but you most definitely know their products. As the world’s largest eyewear company, they control over 80% of the major eyewear brands. The companies in the group include such well-known brands as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue-Eyewear, Persol, Oliver Peoples, Alain Mikli and Arnette. And they’re teaming-up with Google (or that’s the other way round) to make Google Glass even cooler. Luxottica obviously knows how to build, distribute and sell eyewear products, and as part of this partnership – they’ll bring design and manufacturing expertise to Read more

Apple won’t launch the iWatch any time soon?

Not everyone expect to see the iWatch launching this year. According to’s Mike Oertli, Apple will take a different route that doesn’t include making of its own smart watch. Instead, the Cupertino company will focus on making Healthbook the best app in its category and allow third-party hardware to connect to it. Meanwhile, iPhone 6 may get additional sensors to allow for better fitness/health tracking, and that’s about it. No iWatch will be made in the near future. Oertli is not alone thinking like this. The discussion started by Read more

Moto 360 to rock a Sapphire Glass OLED screen and magnetic induction wireless charging?

The Moto 360 was most definitely the most interesting device announced at Google’s Android Wear event. Unlike all other smart watches we’ve seen before, this one has a circular screen that could make it appealing even for the non-tech crowd. We have few additional details to uncover about this fancy gadget, as brought to us by G4Games. First thing you should know is that the Moto 360 will have an OLED-based screen, allowing it to last longer. Moreover, that screen will be protected by Sapphire Glass making it *really* hard Read more

Pebble has moved more than 400,000 watches within a year!

Pebble was the device that literally kickstarted the smart watch industry. So we were not surprised to learn that ever since the first Pebble was launched, they managed to move more than 400,000 units. Best of all, this figure doesn’t include the fancy new Pebble Steel or includes just a few units. According to AndroidCentral, this means that Pebble’s sales are totaling around $60 million which is an impressive figure for any start-up, let alone the one that’s been around for just one year. Pebble employs 70 people now and Read more

Augmented SmartWatch Pro adds support for Qualcomm Toq

On the heels of the recently launched Toq SDK, Augmented Views is adding support for Qualcomm’s smart watch to its Augmented SmartWatch Pro app. Using the application, Toq owners can quickly get real-time alerts on their wrist, as well as up to three Tasker tasks, with opening the card serving as the trigger. However, the SDK limits how much Augmented SmartWatch Pro can do. For one thing, it does not allow third-party developers to modify watch faces. Perhaps Qualcomm further opens-up the SDK in the future, perhaps not. In any case, Read more