RIM to Filter BlackBerry Porn in Indonesia


A few months ago among the flurry of international government complaints about lawful interception of BlackBerry data, Indonesia chimed in with their desire to spread their nationwide ban on pornography to mobile, including BlackBerry. Since BlackBerry devices encrypt data as it goes through RIM’s servers in Canada or through private enterprise servers, the Indonesian government…

Hustler Launches Android App for $2.99


Alright you raunchy people, Hustler just launched their Android app and is available for $2.99. From what I’m hearing, this is a pretty softcore app with no full-blown nudity, namely so that it can get into the Android Market without any hassle. Hustler for Android includes video and stills of models from recent years, plus…

Samsung Galaxy Tab Features Dedicated Porn Button


I guess you really do go use Android if you want porn, eh? Don’t worry, the “Porn.” (short for “Pornire, or “start”) button on the Romanian Samsung Galaxy Tab is just a hilarious, if unfortunate, translation for Home, not a shortcut to some bizarre manufacturer-sanctioned adult content portal. Since being discovered, the button has been…

Indonesia Threatening BlackBerry Ban over Pornography Access


The main regulatory problems that Research In Motion has been encountering lately has been providing means for lawful interception to governments, and though Indonesia has those issues about security, they also have a different problem: access to adult content online. Indonesia  has banned internet pornography since 2008, and that access should extend to wireless internet…

iPhone 4’s Facetime to Be Used for Sex Chat


Although video chatting has been around for awhile, iPhone 4 and Facetime promises to popularize it, to the point that at least one business has sprung up aiming to equip a legion of phone sex operators with Apple’s latest toy. Adult industry like this already thrives online with webcam sex chat, but what makes the…

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