NVIDIA Shield Pre-Orders Push Up To Today

The NVIDIA Shield certainly has a fanbase that can’t wait to get their hands on the handheld console. In fact, the response for the Shield has produced enough buzz that the pre-order date has been pushed up to today, instead of the original pre-order date of the 20th.

This certainly bodes well for the company. The Shield a rather niche product, but it’s a product that not only bridges the gap between mobile and console gaming, but a product that people want to spend their money. We don’t blame them, either. The $349 price point also may not be easy to swallow for some, but it certainly won’t stop the real gamers from throwing down the greenbacks. That’s one of the best things about the Shield, and NVIDIA. The Shield is for gamers, by gamers, and there’s something great about that.

If you’re already sold on the NVIDIA Shield, you can now get your pre-order on now and not have to wait until next monday, and you better do so fast. The device is getting more and more buzz, so pre-ordering the device is a good option if you want to be the first to get the device.

Be sure to hit up NVIDIA’s blog post below for more details!

Who is pre-ordering the Shield today?

[Via: NVIDIA Blog]

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