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South Korean operator KT ditching unlimited data plans because 0.002% of their users eat 700 GB/month


In the “news that impacts 0% of our readers, but is strange enough to warrant sharing” category, reports from South Korea say that KT, the country’s second largest wireless operator, will immediately stop offering unlimited mobile data to customers using WiBro (the local version of WiMAX) because — and we’re not making this up —…

SK Telekom might get CDMA iPhone 4 this March


Ever since the announcement of the Verizon iPhone 4, a CDMA variant of the current Apple smartphone design, talk of other CDMA carriers around the world getting the phone has been pretty rampant. The biggest market for a CDMA iPhone aside from Verizon would be China, but early last month Korea was also rumored to…

Japanese Docomo and Korean KT team-up on cross-border NFC

NTT Docomo announced an agreement with South Korea’s KT Corporation to use near field communication (NFC) technologies to develop cross-border services for mobile payments, mass-transit ticketing, promotional coupons and other services. If everything goes as planned, the two market-leading operators will launch in their respective markets from around the end of 2012. Through the joint…

Korean carriers don’t want the Google Nexus S


It’s been a huge year for Android, and one of its most anticipated versions, 2.3 Gingerbread, has finally been released in the Google Nexus S. The most die-hard Android fans have been waiting and clamoring for the latest software, but it seems that carriers aren’t too keen on picking up the device right away. Why?…

Dell Venue Gets Official in Korea


Hey, the Android 2.2-powered Dell Venue / Thunder is alive after all. Korean service provider KT went official with the device, confirming a 4.1-inch AMOLED display with a slightly-curved Gorilla glass screen and Android Gingerbread, but few of the other specs came out; we can only assume that it still has a 1 GHz processor…

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