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Video: INQ Cloud Touch launched on Telus


The INQ Cloud Touch has been making the rounds in Europe since the spring, but today it has found its way to North American shores by way of Telus in Canada. It’s an entry-level Android phone with modest specs, but a lot of interesting customizations geared to make it as Facebook-friendly as possible. The INQ…

INQ shows off Facebook phone on video


INQ Mobile has been hard at work making a heavily customized Android phone – you can also call this the Facebook phone – that puts a premium on tightly integrating Facebook into every pore pixel of the device. The smartphone maker gave TechCrunch a look at their social network-centric Android phone, and it doesn’t look…

INQ’s First Android Handset Crosses Bluetooth SIG


Social handset maker INQ had said awhile back that they were switching to Android from Brew eventually and it looks like they’re closing in on a launch. The INQ Cloud Touch just went through Bluetooth certification with the following helpful description: INQ Cloud Touch is an Android smartphone built to make messaging faster and smarter.…

Telus Launches INQ Chat 3G for Social Networking Fanatics


As expected, Preparing for the back-to-school rush, Telus has announced the INQ Chat 3G. This is a BREW-based handset that has already made the rounds in the UK, and is finally working its way over to North America. Its seemingly singular function is to get connected with online social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live…

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