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Game of the Week – Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz


This week we took a look at Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz, a Japanese smartphone game that was only recently translated to English. The game mashes up casual RPG gameplay with trivia and card battling. It’s a unique deviation from a tried and true model of mobile gaming, and it’s a lot of fun…

Game Of The Week: Contra Evolution

Contra-Evolution-Logo-600x400 (1)

For gamers of a certain age, Konami’s Contra is burned into our brains. Whether we played it on the NES or in our local pizza parlor’s game room, the marriage of run and gun action with unforgiving difficulty proved to be the perfect combination to keep the sauce-covered quarters flying into arcade boxes and NES…

Top Five Twitter Apps for Android


With so many Twitter apps out there, it can be a challenge to find one that fits all of your needs. Sure, Twitter is a simple communication tool that utilizes messages of 140 characters, but it is also fairly complex in its feature set. Most apps utilize all of Twitter’s features, but do so in…

Soundtracking App Delivers Solid Music Sharing Experience


There are many apps out there that focus on sharing music, and now an app called Soundtracking has seemingly pulled the best parts from social networks and music sharing into one app. Soundtracking is an iOS and Android app that brings together picture sharing  like Instagram, music tagging/discovery like Shazam, and location sharing features like those of FourSquare…

Listen Up! Top 5 Android Music Apps


There are a bevy of music streaming apps out there, all offering different features; personalized radio, cloud storage, traditional radio station access, and social media sharing. In this sea of apps I’ve rounded up the top 5 Android music apps that the Google Play Store can offer. So grab your device, strap on those bedazzled…

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