OnePlus Dual SIM phone in works?

OnePlus Dual SIM phone in works?

OnePlus may be working on a dual-SIM device. As far as we (don’t) know, it could be the company’s next flagship device — the earlier rumored OnePlus Two — or just a dual-SIM version of the existing OnePlus One. The rumor, in case you wonder, started from o OnePlus promotional video depicting a device that…

Huawei Ascend P8 specs leak

Huawei Ascend P8 chassis

Next year, perhaps even during the forthcoming CES, Huawei will unveil the Ascend P8, its next mid-range flagship device. Thanks to the French site, we’re glad to report about what kind of hardware this device will pack under its fancy hood: 5.2-inch full HD screen HiSilicon Kirin 930 octa-core chipset built on TSMC’s 16nm…

Kodak smartphone camera to debut at CES!

Kodak booth

Kodak has announced partnership with Bullitt Group over a range of mobile devices, at least one of which will debut at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas. Details are scarce at the moment, but the press release says users can expect easy to use devices with, obviously, fancy camera features and image manipulation capabilities. “Kodak…

Xiaomi Mi 5 to be unveiled at CES? Or that’s Mi4s?

Xiaomi Mi4s

Xiaomi may be preparing to launch a successor to its rock-solid Mi4 smartphone. According to latest leaks, the so called “Apple of China” could use world’s media attention in Las Vegas to show everyone how sexy a phablet can be. Rumors suggest that the Mi 5 or Mi4s — we’re not sure about the name…

Self destructing phone in development by BlackBerry and Boeing

Self destructing phone in development by BlackBerry and Boeing

BlackBerry and Boeing are teaming-up on the development of a super-secure, self-destructing phone. The device, known as the Boeing Black phone, will be able to self-destruct if it is tampered with, and will be offered to enterprise and government clients looking for the highest-possible level of security. “We’re pleased to announce that Boeing is collaborating…

Galaxy Note 3 Lollipop beta firmware leaks

Galaxy Note 3 Lollipop

The first Lollipop firmware for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been leaked. The software — which was obtained thanks to an error on the website — has been brought to the world attention by a forum member, who claimed this is the “real deal.” Later on, the ROM has been brought over…

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