Nexus 6 won’t be made by LG!


Looks like LG won’t be making this year’s Nexus phone. Presuming Google continues to offer its own devices, some other company will likely get that privilege. The information comes straight from horse’s mouth, LG’s Communications Director Ken Hong, who said that Google still hasn’t contacted them over a Nexus deal. “I know at least not…

Low-cost Nexus phone to rock MediaTek’s 64-bit chip?

Low-cost Nexus phone to rock MediaTek's 64-bit chip?

Just the other day we’ve told you that Google may be working on an affordable Nexus device, one that will use a chip made by MediaTek, rather than Qualcomm. Guess what? That chip could sport a 64-bit architecture with four or eight cores. MediaTek unveiled its 64-bit offering a few months ago and now they…

Next Nexus tablet to rock Intel’s 64-bit quad-core chip?

Next Nexus tablet to rock Intel's 64-bit quad-core chip?

We’ve been telling you that Google may launch the Nexus 8 later this year. According to AndroidPit, that device could easily end-up using Intel’s 64-bit quad-core chip, which was announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The report suggests that the next Nexus tablet will be unveiled alongside Android 4.5 at some point this summer,…

Google looking to fix Nexus 5 battery drain bug

Google looking to fix Nexus 5 battery drain bug

You may’ve heard or even experienced it yourself – Nexus 5′s battery can be quickly drained. Google acknowledged the problem and even went on to explain what’s causing it. Apparently we have the camera software to blame for this. The process called mm-qcamera-daemon opens to allow apps like Skype to use the snapper on the…

Bright Red Nexus 5 Now Available On Telus


The bright red Nexus 5 has found a new home on Canadian carrier, Telus. Yes, the same phone that was released on Halloween last year, but in an intense red color is now available for Telus customers who need to brighten up their lives. Those of you hankering for the red Nexus 5 can grab…

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