The new iPad review: Say hello to the future

The new iPad is here with its Retina Display and quad-core graphics chip and in this review, we’ll see if Apple still delivers the best tablet experience out there.

The Good
  • The Retina Display is absolutely gorgeous.
  • It has the best battery life of any tablet.
  • The improved camera is nice and the ecosystem is the best.
The Bad
  • The same relative design as the iPad 2.
  • If you're not sold on a tablet experience, this may not push you over the edge.


When it's turned off, the new iPad isn't dramatically different than last year's model except it's a little bit thicker and heavier (even more so if you get the 4G LTE version). That's fine with me though, as I felt the last iPad had a great design. There will now be thinner tablets on the market but it's a fair tradeoff in exchange for the great battery life and the amazing screen on Apple's latest tablet.

It may not seem like Apple made many advancements with the hardware but once you turn on the screen you realize what a leap forward this really is.

The Retina Display

The iPad looks exactly like what most people think a tablet looks like: a large screen takes up the majority of the face, a home button on the front, some ports on the bottom and top and a camera on the back. Because it's such a minimalistic design, each of these elements take on a larger role in the overall experience and none more so than the display.

The Retina Display on the new iPad is one of the best displays I've ever seen and the only thing that even comes close to it is the prototype 4K screens I saw at CES 2012.  At 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, the new iPad has a better resolution than my HDTV - even if that's not quite a useful comparison.

Basically, the new screen on the iPad is amazing and as cruddy as it is to say, it's something that's difficult to convey with words or video. You do have to check it out for yourself. Photos and videos look great, the lack of pixels when you're trying to read is a refreshing experience I didn't even know I needed. Along with the incredible clarity, Apple's tablet still has a responsiveness to touch which is still industry-leading.

The new iPad reviewThe beauty of the new iPad's Retina Display is that you soon forget it and think that this is just how computing should be. When I first saw the iPhone 4's Retina Display, I was also blown away but after using it for a while, it just became my norm - you just shouldn't be able to see individual pixels. Duh.

A 3.5-inch screen is one thing but it's a much bigger leap forward when it's a 9.7-inch screen.

It's been compared to the first time you've seen an HD television compared to a standard screen but I think the Retina Display on the new iPad goes even further than that because you're actively interacting with the screen. There are so many layers of abstraction when we're computing but a display this good, along with strong, intuitive touch controls  can really make you feel like you are interacting with the content on your tablet in a meaningful way.

I truly believe the new iPad's Retina Display has the potential to change the way we see computing but that doesn't mean it's there yet. Apps that aren't updated for the Retina Display look ok and iPhone apps that aren't ready and are scaled up look like crap. 1080p HD videos that Apple sells look pretty darn good on the screen but not all content you'll find on the web will automatically look great on this new screen.

I never thought the old iPad's screen looked bad but once you go Retina, you won't want to go back.

Build Quality

The new iPad reviewThe build quality on the new iPad is exactly what you'd expect from Apple: minimalistic design that's executed really well. The now iconic form factor will be familiar to anyone who's seen the previous version.

Apple seems to have nailed the tablet form factor with the original iPad and it has innovated on that. The competition is finally starting to catch up when it comes to form factor though, as devices like the Toshiba Excite arguably look better from afar. The Retina Display really pushes Apple back to the forefront in tablet design though.

Guts And Glory

The new iPad has the A5X processor inside and it sports a dual-core CPU and a quad-core GPU. In the era of a quad-core processors, Apple is claiming that the A5X can provide for a top-of-the-line experience and I'm finding that to be the case early on.

I set up the iPad as a new one and downloaded the apps I wanted from iCloud, so it has that new device snappiness. I will check in on the performance after a few months once it's clogged full of apps and content but it's been a great time so far. Those of you who have used an iPad 2 should expect a similar level of performance and those coming from the original iPad will be very happy with how fast this new tablet is.

The quad-core GPU and extra RAM are supposedly being used to pump out graphics to the screen and it will be interesting to see what happens as we get some more computationally complex apps down the road. So far, I have no complaints about the performance of the new iPad.

You can also look forward to a Bluetooth 4.0 chip inside, optional 4G LTE support for AT&T or Verizon and 1 GB of RAM. The Bluetooth 4.0 could be big down the road because of what it enables but it will take a while for the industry to properly make use of it (kind of like the Thunderbolt ports on Macs).


The new iPad reviewThe new iPad comes with iOS 5.1 and it provides a nice, touch-friendly tablet experience that can be greatly augmented by the robust App Store ecosystem. It's everything you'd expect in a tablet experience including a swipe-tastic interface that's easy to pick up and play with.

Interestingly enough, the new iPad doesn't have Siri but instead has voice-powered dictation. This works well for the most part (it couldn't get my name right) but you have to wonder why we don't get the full deal because the new iPad is definitely powerful enough to handle it. I truly think that the service just isn't ready for the masses, as iPhone 4S owners can attest to the fact that the voice-controlled personal assistant service just doesn't work as well as it should. I think it could be quite a cool experience on a tablet too, so it's a shame we don't get it ... yet.

For all the talk of Apple products "just working," you have to remember that they're still computers. I've had some apps crash randomly and boot back to the home screen and this included third-party apps and even the Apple-produced Safari browser. This didn't happen often but it's just a reminder that no computing device is perfect.

With that said, the new iPad delivers the best tablet experience out there by a country mile for a variety of reasons but mainly due to the robust App Store support. Only a handful of these are actually ready for the Retina Display right now but I'd expect nearly every app maker to have their programs ready before too long. As I mentioned before, the real interesting thing will be seeing what these app makers can do with the new hardware in addition to the gorgeous display.

The new iPad reviewApple's iCloud can also play a significant role in the new iPad, as all of your content including some of your movies can be backed up and downloaded from the cloud. It's a neat way of keeping all your Apple products in sync without wires but be warned that you'll likely need to purchase additional storage if you're a heavy user. I love using iCloud with the App Store because I like to set up my iPad as a new one and then just cherry pick my previously-downloaded apps. I tend to not delete apps that often, so this gives me a fresh shot. For a primer on how iOS, Android and Windows Phone approach the cloud, check out this post: Cloud comparison: Apple iCloud vs. Google vs. Windows Live.

We're probably going to have to wait until the next iPhone until we get a significant update to the new iPad and I could really go for an improved notification bar and a better way to switch between apps. For example, Windows 8 does a much better job of quickly and easily switching between apps and transitioning between programs.

Still, the software experience on the new iPad is the best in the tablet market and it will only steadily improve as time marches on.

Web Browser, Multimedia And Camera

Web Browser

The new iPad reviewSafari is your default browser on the iPad (although there are alternatives) and it's pretty darn good. Apple's big bet on HTML5 is paying off on the new iPad, as much of the content viewed on this tablet can scale up to the Retina resolution. Text is incredibly crisp and if you go to visually-stimulating sites like Pinterest or Boston's The Big Picture, you'll be very happy with your experience on the new iPad.

There are still a few things which annoy me about Safari, as I think it's silly to have a URL bar and a separate search bar - just combine them please. Other than that, the Safari browser does a great job on intelligently zooming on text and the extra RAM inside of it makes switching between apps a much faster experience.


Android and Windows Phone have quickly been catching up to iOS in terms of multimedia content and capabilities but Apple still trumps both with the media juggernaut that is iTunes. The new iPad slides seamlessly into that ecosystem and when you combine the Retina Display with the newly-available 1080p HD content, you have an awesome media tablet. Throw in the audio content in iTunes and the excellent third-party options and your video and audio needs will easily be taken care with the new iPad.

Apple is still kind of a pain when it comes to what types of formats will play on the iPad but there are a few third-party apps in the store which will help you get those uh, legally-converted AVI or MKV files of your own DVDs on your tablet. Being able to sync and set up your tablet without having to plug into iTunes is also a great thing.

That Retina Display does come with a cost though and it's looking like storage will be an issue. I rented Young Adult in 1080p HD from the iTunes store and it was a whopping 3 GB. That will go away after I watched it but if you're on a 16 GB version, you may get squeezed for space very quickly. Additionally, we expect apps to get larger as they provide support for the Retina Display.


The new iPad reviewThe new iPad has a much-improved 5-megapixel camera that's essentially on par with the iPhone 4 but I'm still not convinced there's really much value in having a rear-facing camera on a 10-inch tablet. You look dumb taking pictures, if you hold it in landscape mode it's easy to block the camera with a finger and did I mention that you look dumb taking pictures with a tablet?

To be fair, the new iPhoto app ($4.99 from the App Store) is a great way to to look at and edit your photos. I've just come back from a long trip (Barcelona, Berlin and Austin) and I'm dreading having to go through so many photos to find the ones that worked. But being able to use your hands to do near-professional style editing of your photos has changed the way I will edit my leisure photos. It's especially great if you use an iDevice primarily to shoot because tying into Photo Stream is a breeze. As it is, I'll be buying a camera connecting kit and doing most of my photo editing from my new iPad from now on.

You can also record 1080p HD videos with the rear camera and the improved iMovie app makes it cool and simple to create good-looking movies with a few swipes. Sure, you're still a weirdo shooting lots of videos with a large tablet but if that's your thing, you'll be happy with the quality of the video recording on the new iPad.

The front-facing camera is good enough for FaceTime and I noticed some interesting facial-recognition software but the quality of these pictures aren't going to blow you away. It's nice that the new iPad has these cameras but I'm not going to be singing the praise of these cameras any time soon.




Call Quality And Battery Life

The new iPad reviewThe new iPad can be purchased with 4G LTE from AT&T and Verizon but I only have a 32 GB WiFi-only model, so I regret to say I can't be of much help on this one. Other reviews said both AT&T and Verizon 4G LTE provided lightning-fast speeds in various markets but I'd be wary of blowing through my data cap quickly with this tablet. I'm fine with a WiFi-only model because I mainly use it at home or on a plane where I don't care if it's connected or not. If you want this to truly replace your laptop and often travel, you may want to consider buying the 4G LTE version.

Other tablet makers have still yet to match the original iPad in terms of battery life. I recently flew from Houston to Berlin and pretty much used my original iPad the whole trip to watch movies, play games and read and was stunned to find that not only did it survive the trip, it still had juice to go. That's something that never happens with the Xoom, PlayBook or other device.

I'm happy to say that the new iPad continues that great tradition with a legitimate 10 hours of battery life on a full charge, even with that big, beautiful power-sucking screen. It does that by having a 70 percent larger and other reports also suggest that the 4G LTE version lives up to its 9 hours of battery life claim. That extra battery does come with a cost though, as the new iPad is ever-so-thicker than the iPad 2, it gets quite warm in your hands and it does seem to take a bit longer to charge than previous models.

I'll take those negatives any day to get such long-lasting battery life.

The Final Take

The new iPad review

With its gorgeous display and incredible battery life, the new iPad really raises the bar for what we should expect from tablets. It's a great marriage of cutting-edge tech with well-thought out software. Some other tablets may have some technical advantages but I'd still recommend the iPad.

It's the ecosystem, stupid.

Pretty much all tablets are just electronic toys for people with disposable income but that changes once you have a robust app selection. As simple as the iPhoto app is, it is going to fundamentally change the way I edit travel photos.We're seeing all sorts of innovation in different markets with iPad apps, so that's a major reason why this tablet is clearly in the lead.

But ecosystem isn't just apps, as the vast majority of cool cases, stands and Kickstarter project around tablets will be iPad-specific. It's silly to choose a tablet just because it offers better cases but when you pile that on top of the much stronger app selection and the "cool factor" of this tablet, it's clearly a winner.

If you are even considering a tablet, get the new iPad. The iPad 2 or some of the competitors will do if you can't afford the $500 entry-level price but if you truly want to understand the tablet experience and why Apple talks so much about the "post-PC era," then you need to get a new iPad.

If you're still not convinced that a tablet has meaning, I'm not sure if the amazing screen, good video and excellent battery life on the iPad will be enough to make you replace your computer. Those on the iPad 2 may also see it as more iterative than innovative but I'm a huge believer that you'll want one once you see it.

Apple has again set the standard for a tablet with the new iPad. Do you think the competition will be able to catch up this year?

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  • Anonymous

    everything is past tech except the display…

    • Shim

      True, but like the author said, the ecosystem and quality of tablet optimized apps is much better on iOS. When using some of the Android tablets, it was literally like having a big version of my GNex. In contrast, the iPad apps were much improved over their iPhone/iPod counterparts. Well, most of them anyways. Its still frustrating to run into those rare apps that have not been optimized for the iPad.

      Marin I definitely agree that Apple needs to merge the search and address bars. I’m still getting used to it.

      • Marin

        Thanks for the comments. 

  • Device launches are the much awaited events from
    the global audience. Apple’s launching events like the release of the iPad 3
    has made the techies and the gizmo enthusiasts go crazy to own this device.
    With the iPad preorders already to be shipped in about 21 days and it’s no
    wonder that the ipad device will be the hot favorite atleast until 2015.

  • This ipad seems really THE new beast in the wild forest of tabs.
    Renewing the standard of what should be a tab, even before the ipad 2 could be beaten by android competitors.
    I’m a android user, but frankly, the display, the CPU and the coherent ecosystem are really a nice thing to see. The only concern is, as told by most of tech sites, the size impact on apps , that adds the ultra-HD display.
    we will see a apple-fans deal with that, but it might be a good idea to have some µSD slot once .. even if piracy and jailbreak might be a lot easier with this additional entry

    anyway, good job apple, you know how to maka a good product !

  • Honestly, I’ve been in love with the iPad from the first one came out and now with the CRAZY screen, the iPad “3” is even more lust worthy.  That for me is what really blows my mind about the iPad3, really hard to imagine other tablet makers being able to catch up with the iPad3 in the short term.

  • Darylnases

    The new ipad is awesome. Wish i can afford it and so i can utilize it for play and work use

  • The new iPad has some great advances in battery technology as well as the screen and processing power. We’ve almost gotten to the point of living in a truly mobile world…

  • Richardteasley

    I really feel that apple is driving the industry to provide higher quality products for cheaper prices

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the review.  The iPad 3 is progress and worth investing in.  It has a lot to offer to the consumer.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

  • Anonymous

    The new iPad is a fantastic update to the greatest tablet experience ever. I could not believe my eyes when I first saw that Retina Display. The fact that Apple still kept the battery life at 10 hours while powering a quad-core graphics cards and amazing display is a spectacular feat!

    I still roll my eyes at the comments about it being “too hot” and wondering why people don’t just enjoy the gorgeous features Apple gives them for a very cheap price, especially since Apple is paying more for the parts and still keeping it at the same price as when the original iPad came out.

    This was a great and in-depth review and I can’t wait to see what other products are reviewed on this site.

  • Seems like a great device, especially the screen.  But, it’s one of those things that you don’t know you need it until you get it.  Is the iPad doing something my Android tablet isn’t?  Not really.  I have an SD card reader that I love, great battery, and GPS.  but, if I had the iPad would I never want to go back to a non-Retina display? Probably.

  • While i agree the the new iPad is a great device, it still lags behind in technology, the tablet world is moving quad core processors this year, yes it has a quad core graphic with retina display is all apple has over other tablets, all other aspect have already been beat by other tablets, about to be released with quad core processors, 8-12 megapixel HD Camera,  multi touch high resolutions screens. I am not saying i would not use it, or that i would not like one, but it’s not worth the price out of my pocket, drop the cost $100 then it will be worth it for last years hardware. and everyone FYI its a Dual core processor with a Quad core Graphics card… Stop saying Quad core Processor, there is a big difference…..

  • Thank you for all of this information. I learned a lot I didn’t already know. The main reason I would love to have an iPad for is to play my favorite game We Rule…I know that with new retina display it would look absolutely amazing!!! But also I would enjoy it for it’s many other features, knowing I can do basically everything on it is awesome! Being able to share and enjoy my music videos and picture anywhere +++ The WiFi only version would be perfect for the way I would use it, the same way I use my current 3rd generation iPod touch…seriously need an upgrade! And the 10 hour battery life? Wow, that should get me through my daily use without having to plug in…lol 🙂

  • KevinRestiaens


  • What is amazing is that apple unleashes a little at a time. They should have made a quad core processor because that is where tablets are going but I guess being that the iOS is so simple it ok. What I really want to see next iPad is the ability to run apps side by side like the windows 8 tablets will do. Thanks to quad core

    I would love to win one. I am dave01568 on twitter and facebook

  • Mlss69

    What a great and complete review! I am thinking of buying a tablet and was undecided which one to choose: android or apple! After reading your review on the new ipad, I most definitely will go for the new ipad with its new retina display! It will be awesome to view my photos and videos, edit them and play the fantastic games that the app store has available in hd. One of the main factors that really convinced me was the extra long battery life which is so necessary on a portable gadget!

  • Coppockm

    I’ve been a huge fan of Android tablets, including my latest, an ASUS Transformer Prime. I think that Android on tablets offer a number of advantages, such as instant access to information and processes via widgets, more options for acquiring apps, more flexibility in terms of working with files, and better sharing between apps. The elephant in the room, however, is apps: I remain jealous of iPad users when it comes to having access to a wide variety of tablet-optimized apps that allow full use of the tablet form factor. I also recognize the simple excellence of the new iPad’s screen, and in my short time looking at one in the store, I have to admit that ebook reading would be a much better experience on an iPad. What I’d really love to do, and which funds don’t allow, is to have both. I think Apple deserves credit for making a great product, and I’d love the chance to see for myself just what the differences are between the two platforms. Maybe Android’s flexibility is more than made up for with elegance, performance, and visual excellence. I fear that perhaps in the recent past, I’ve not been fair enough to Apple in giving them a shot. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to do so. Thanks for listening…

  • Coppockm

    I’ve been a huge fan of Android tablets, including my latest, an ASUS Transformer Prime. I think that Android on tablets offer a number of advantages, such as instant access to information and processes via widgets, more options for acquiring apps, more flexibility in terms of working with files, and better sharing between apps. The elephant in the room, however, is apps: I remain jealous of iPad users when it comes to having access to a wide variety of tablet-optimized apps that allow full use of the tablet form factor. I also recognize the simple excellence of the new iPad’s screen, and in my short time looking at one in the store, I have to admit that ebook reading would be a much better experience on an iPad. What I’d really love to do, and which funds don’t allow, is to have both. I think Apple deserves credit for making a great product, and I’d love the chance to see for myself just what the differences are between the two platforms. Maybe Android’s flexibility is more than made up for with elegance, performance, and visual excellence. I fear that perhaps in the recent past, I’ve not been fair enough to Apple in giving them a shot. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to do so. Thanks for listening…

  • I can’t wait to try the new iPad, especially the retina display and the cameras for Face Time. I’d love to try the Adobe software available for iPad for editing photos. Thanks for the review.

  • I can’t wait to try the new iPad, especially the retina display and the cameras for Face Time. I’d love to try the Adobe software available for iPad for editing photos. Thanks for the review.

  • I think these upgrades are incredible! I need to see this Ipad in person. ***heading to the Apple Store***

  • I think these upgrades are incredible! I need to see this Ipad in person. ***heading to the Apple Store***

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been looking at maybe getting a cheaper Android tablet, but like you said in your review, that iTunes appstore ecosystem is just too hard to pass up. So many apps get released exclusively on the iTunes appstore or at least get there first. I might settle with the iPad 2, but everyone is talking about how amazing the new screen is so that’s just tempting me even more. I need to check it out in person soon.

  • Anonymous

    a really well balanced review. i’m a little sick of hearing people complain about how the new ipad hasn’t blown their minds straight out of their skulls and therefore loathe the new iDevice. it’s an entirely new (or newly important) product category, if you think back to the first PCs, after the basic form factor was established, the only things that changed much of the PCs functionality were peripherals for the following decade or so. 

    would have loved to hear more about the windows 8 tablet comparison. i think the basics of iOS are starting to look extremely dated in the face of an operating system that does more than just go into and out of a grid of disparate sandboxed apps. the aggregating that WP7 does is amazing (as far as social networks and contacts go), and i’m very interested to see how it plays out across the board beyond just contacts/social in a tablet factor.

  • reading this review reinforces my need to see one of these in person. it seems like the screen is the only reason to get the new ipad

  • I was hoping for the camera from the iPhone 4S. But I’ll take this in the meantime. I’d love to see what it could bring to working with photography and videography. 

  • Anonymous

    I actually liked your review of the new iPad more than most of the others that I’ve seen.  Though the upgrades are only slightly better than its predecessor, it’s worth to pick up if you don’t have one.  I love how the iPad has always been about focusing about moving technology forward.  This seems like a worthy device to get.

  • jamey reynolds

    Great review of the new iPad. I really feel like I need to go to the Apple store to get a first hand look at the new Retina display, it sounds amazing! 

  • LeilaRW

    Thanks for a great review. I wasn’t sure what the difference was in the new iPad and the new display alone makes me want to go out and get one.  I use my iPad mostly for watching TV and playing games and this sounds like a great improvement.

  • Chris Fitzgerald

    The Post PC era isn’t quite here yet, but it’s definitely coming faster and faster. This new iPad is proof. While I don’t feel like iOS delivers the experience you can get on a PC. I still like to attach USB drives, copy files, move files, manage my music and pictures in a meticulously organized file structure… but the horsepower under the hood of this tablet proves that the ability is there to do things almost as fast you can with a desktop computer. 

    I for one am excited to take home movies with the new camera and edit right on the machine, compile, and upload to YouTube. I don’t care if I look dumb doing it. Just using the iPad as a “window” to my video capture seems like a cool Idea.

    I gotta go to the Apple Store and see the screen for myself. If it’s anything as good as Marin or other reviewers says it is, then this tablet is a total must have product for gadget enthusiasts like me.

  • Very concise, well written review.  I appreciate the iCloud info – and the iPad’s ability to set up without iTunes. The display sounds great but I look forward to confirming your claims first hand. The LogMein app sounds especially useful. When oh when will we ipod users get Siri too? 

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed your overall review but the one thing that hooked me was your unbiased view. No doubt the ipad deserves the high score you gave i appreciated some of the drawbacks and the mention of some of the apps crashing .While not everyone does it some editors review this thing and the whole article is filled with rainbows and unicorns and how the new ipad solves war and ends world hunger. Ill admit im an android fan and but i would love a new ipad as it definitely is much more reliable and stable most of the time and its fluidness and smoothness have yet to be beat. Although since i havent owned an Idevice ive never used itunes and wouldnt want to be tied down to it but im sure i could get used to it(*hint*hint* intomobile)

  • Nice review, but in only reinforces my decision to carefully avoid going to any Apple or BestBuy stores to look at the new iPad. I’m pretty happy with my iPad 2 and would hate to get “Retina-envy” after seeing the new one in action, which is what everyone says will happen.  Of course if I win one that solves the problem pretty nicely.  Thanks.

  • This review really got me fired about the iPad and the post-PC era. 
    Yes, I have a laptop that’s less than 2 years old but it’s hooked up to a cooling
    fan, it can’t last 23.5 minutes off the charger, is a pain to lug
    around, and takes about 6 minutes to boot up.  That description is
    pretty much like what a desktop PC is.  I don’t want a PC anymore…it’s
    too old school.  Time is money and that PC is a waste of time.  It’s a hassle to deal with on a daily basis.  The All
    New iPad essentially replaces that piece of history and does so with
    such grace and beauty, not to mention SPEED.

    The review goes on
    to explain that not any tablet will do what the All New iPad does.  This
    piece of technology surpasses the others in battery life, screen
    resolution, and build quality.  Even the software including all of those
    apps exceed anything else on the market.  I mean the price is a bit
    high but as they say, “ya get what ya pay for.”  But aside from the the
    reviewer states that even if you’re considering a tablet then you’re
    best bet is the new iPad.  I’ll take his word for it.  Why?  He’s tried
    the rest and he explains how this tablet is better than those in every
    way.  Apple, as of now, has perfected the tablet and the iPad
    experience.  Marin captures that in this review and he has convinced me to get the All New iPad.

  • brianm76

    Great review! I like we’re tablets are going, especially the iPad but I am still giving up a lot that I still need my pc. A tablet will be more of a convenience device and a media device but certainly not a pc replacement. Please have more of these in depth reviews on the site as they are extremely helpful! @brianm94

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t had a chance to play with one in my local Apple Store, but that Retina Display sounds like it is Beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    The display is definitely great and the battery life is also good, but it is a tad warmer and it concerns me how long it takes to charge, because I want to be able to quickly charge it for travelling during my layovers.

  • Apple has made many great innovations and now they did it again!
    Your Review gave me more idea than I had ever thought of the new iPad. This is a great review showing on the beauties of a wonder!

  • Glad that the improved display makes it worth it!  Deciding whether to buy the new iPad and I’ve gotten a few comments from others saying to buy the iPad 2 since it’s not worth the upgrade.  But like you mentioned… iPads are for people with disposable income and what’s another $100 for amazing resolution with the same amount of battery life??  It is significantly hotter than the iPad 2 though, but as long as you’re using it in normal conditions it is probably fine… Thanks for the great review, I feel much more confident in spending the money on it now!

  • Shirondale Kelley

    2048×1536 pixels. If that’s what an iPad is rocking without any type of trouble then what resolution will the new Macs and Macbooks use?! It’s amazing that they’re getting excellent performance on ARM with highly tailored software. I wonder what Apple could do if Mac OS X used the same level of dedication. They should be able to out-perform Ubuntu and Windows on the same hardware.

  • Rachel Travis

    I have the “Ipad 1” and the iPhone 4 s…so I am REALLY looking forward to upgrading to the newest and greatest ipad!  You’re right when it comes to being spoiled with the best becoming the “norm”.  Can’t wait to see that beautiful retina display on a bigger screen 😉
    One thing I don’t think you mentioned (at least I didn’t see it) was the #1 thing I’ve heard on the news:  The HEAT.  Have you found this to be true, that it gets too hot to touch at times??

  • The display on this iPad is incredible! I can’t say I’m an apple fanboy by any means, owning a BlackBerry 9900, a Galaxy Nexus, and a PlayBook, but that display…WOW! There’s nothing wrong with the GNex screen, or the PlayBook, but having that sort of resolution (better than any TV that’s out right now) right in your hands is nothing short of incredible. Like i said, i’m not a fanboy or apple lover…but I am a fan of amazing technology.

  • The display on this iPad is incredible! I can’t say I’m an apple fanboy by any means, owning a BlackBerry 9900, a Galaxy Nexus, and a PlayBook, but that display…WOW! There’s nothing wrong with the GNex screen, or the PlayBook, but having that sort of resolution (better than any TV that’s out right now) right in your hands is nothing short of incredible. Like i said, i’m not a fanboy or apple lover…but I am a fan of amazing technology.

  • The display on this iPad is incredible! I can’t say I’m an apple fanboy by any means, owning a BlackBerry 9900, a Galaxy Nexus, and a PlayBook, but that display…WOW! There’s nothing wrong with the GNex screen, or the PlayBook, but having that sort of resolution (better than any TV that’s out right now) right in your hands is nothing short of incredible. Like i said, i’m not a fanboy or apple lover…but I am a fan of amazing technology.

  • I’m most interested in the Retina display. I’ve never seen the retina display in the iPhone like you talked about, so I have no idea what to expect, but every article I read marks this as the best feature on the new ipad. 10 hours of battery life is actually pretty surprising considering the quality of the screen and how much power it must take to keep it running. All in all I think the iPad sounds like one of the best tablets on the market. You really do get what you pay for.

    (Completed all steps. Twitter name @staceyrenee711 & FB Stacey Bic. liked & shared)

  • EJ

    You make the the screen sound amazing, but does it make sense to buy it  if you are a casual user. The discounted Ipad2 sounds like it offers more value. I am tempted, though.

  • Anonymous

     I’ve read a few “new iPad” reviews & even this article mentioned that it isn’t a complete redesign but i think with a 1 year refresh rate & the fact that they actually are upgrading it/components along with offering last years model at a lower price point without increasing the price for the base model at release, its just fine. As long as they aren’t re-releasing the same thing without any/essentially cosmetic improvements, a new design every year isn’t needed… plus how different can a square/rectangle be?

  • Might consider getting the next version.

  • I think it sounds amazing and I totally want one. I have an iPad2 and I love it but I’ve read and heard such great things about the new iPad that I’m highly considering purchasing it. The Retina screen alone seems totally worth it to me. You had me at hello!

  • This is the best display on any mobile device till date… the new iPad is the beginning of a new revolution

  • My “want” meter keeps going up an iPad, but I just have a hard time justifying paying that much money for what it is. Maybe if it ran a desktop OS instead of a mobile one, I’d be more willing to use it. I know it isn’t as powerful as a “real” computer, but don’t shackle us.

  • KLB02155

    Like the iPhone 4s, it seems that the new iPad has made very few improvements but in the bigger has started the process for greatness. For some one like me who is ignorant of all the technical side of things, I need an improvement that will effect my day to day experience. If I had an iPad already then I could not justify the purchase of such an expense but I dont have an iPad and therefore will love all the features as I would be experiencing it for the 1st time!

  • Katmagick

    With faster graphics, 4G wireless options, a better camera, and a gorgeous high-res screen, I can’t think of anything not to like. I won’t be giving up my laptop any time soon but the new iPad is a great device for on the go. I can stash this in my purse easily. The thing I like the most about it is, well everything. I just wish the prices were lower. I just can’t afford one of these right now. I would however, love to own one.
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  • I really enjoyed the review. You have covered all of the seperate areas of usual discussion without being too verbose. 

    What struck me the most was with the coverage of the display and how you stressed that it cannot really be appreciated without seeing it first hand. This, I believe, is something that is often missing in reviews.

  • I’ve never really been a fan of the iProducts but the Retina display looks gorgeous and it seems like they have really improved the camera.  It still feels funny holding up a huge view finder for a tiny camera but you know what ever blows your hair back.  

  • Thanks for the Great Review much appreciated, I thought I wanted a iPad 2 badly but now with the amazing display and interactivity of the iPad 3 I want one sooo much more. Thanks for going into detail about the Retina Display very useful info. Now I really cant wait to check one out for myself 🙂

  • Still the standard for tablet devices. Upgrade on screen resolution should have a measurable impact on eye fatigue. Amazed that it isn’t heavier given the upgraded battery capacity and included LTE hardware. Given the pricing variance between the iPad 2 and the New iPad, you get a lot of value for the incremental cost difference.

  • guest

    I think the Retina display is what makes this new IPad the one I might finally purchase. I would be purchasing a Wi-Fi only model because I believe the 4G plans are outrageously expensive. Your point about the battery usage is similar to how I would be using it, so it is great to see that it holds up to the test.

  • Was hope for a Quadcore CPU, but Quad GPU is a start.

  • Patrick

    Would really love to win this. Its really hard doing school work on a smartphone. This tablet would help out a lot, and id also be able to play awesome games and watch videos with its amazing retina display

  • Nicole Vosburgh

    The biggest plus that I have heard, and you even mentioned, on the new iPad is the retina display.  It sounds amazing, but I do think that I need to see it right in front of me to fully comprehend and see just how impressive it really is.  I am a huge apple fan though and I know that the new iPad would not disappoint me in the least.  

    The biggest plus for me, besides the retina display, would be the use of the camera.  We tend to always be traveling, and it is just so much easier to bring our iPad (yes we have the first version) to be used as a camera as well as our source of internet.  Talk about packing lightly.  It really isn’t necessary to pack a laptop, a camera, and a video camera, when you have all of that right at your fingertips with the new iPad.  

    All in all, I am so excited and hopeful that I will get my hands on a new iPad sometime in the near future.  I know that I would be one of those users that would hardly let it out of my sight.

  • It looks beautiful and I love the new battery life but still to pricey for me.

  • SCJaredJ

    I’m still on the fence about this update over the iPad 2.  I’ve played with it a bit, and admit that the screen is awesome, but I think I’m still holding out for a while for more of the apps I rely on to be updated to see exactly how much better the performance is with the new GPU.  Right now, I’m not seeing a huge difference, but in a month or so if they’re outperforming my iPad 2, I’d make the jump.

  • Upspostal

    It I really amazing, I want one really bad. But a little pricey for me that’s is.

  • Rony

    I really like the concept behind the new iPad. It is truly a revolutionary product as I envisioned the release would be. The most interesting technical feature would definitely have to be the Retina Display which is said to be more graphic capable than a High Definition TV. That in itself speaks volumes as to the way that technology is advancing in todays day and age. An iPad is really becoming the norm in most households today that can afford the luxuries that the Apple ecosystem exudes. Not to mention, that the new iPad will be critical in educational institutions for educational purposes. The speed/performance of the new iPad is incomparable to that of any other tablet in the market today, thanks to the new quad core graphics chip set. As for the software, iOS has always been leaps and bounds beyond the competition, not only in terms of user friendliness, but also liquid smooth reaction times, everything just works absolutely flawlessly. 

    It is clearly visible that Apple has made leaps in technological advancements and they are showing no signs of slowing down. This is also reflected in their stock price which continues to rise parabolically. Just imagine a stock that has increased 3000% within a span of 10 years, that is unprecedented. The New iPad will continue this rally in the stock price and who knows what this will lead to in innovations to come as they are the largest company in the world as of today exceeding a market cap of 550 Billion Dollars…Yes Billion Dollars…I would not be surprised if they become the first stock to reach $1000 and reach a Trillion Dollars in market cap. With all this money they can invest in R&D which will allow for the creation of better iPads and new upcoming products like the iTV predicted to enter the market as early as the second half of 2012 or early 2013. 

    Having a mere chance of winning such a product, the new iPad, that belongs to an iconic company in Apple would be extremely satisfying and humbling. 

    Everyone have a great day!!! 

  • The colors on the screen looks great and most everything about it sounds good to me. Although I love taking pictures, I am a little skeptical about how I would look shooting photos with a tablet pc, but I’m sure I would be willing to take the risk. The battery life also sounds great! The only complaint I have about it is that it does not have flash, but otherwise I totally want one!!

  • Thanks for the great review. I can’t wait to get my hands on a new iPad. You’re the first person to admit that a comparison to your HDTV is not that useful. I’ve been wondering about that. But, no, I don’t think that the competition will be able to catch up this year. Apple is so far ahead of its competition…it’s staggering. I recently read an article applauding Tim Cook for keeping the price of the iPad so low with his logistics mastery. In other words, if it wasn’t for Tim Cook, the iPad would cost $5,000 (their words, not mine). So, again…no. The competition is lightyears behind.

  • AY

     Great review.  Looks like FaceTime pictures would be so much clearer here than on my iphone!

  • Eric To

    I’ve always been a die-hard android fan, never really even caring to take a second glance at iOS.  Truthfully, my stance hasn’t changed very much, considering (1) most iterations of iOS look the same, (2) the hardware aesthetic of the ipad hasn’t changed in 3 years (although it is a beautiful design).  BUT, that high resolution screen IS game-changing.  The old ipad had god-awful resolution–the new one is just incredible.  The resolution and the faithful reproduction of color are both things where Apple truly deserves praise.  

  • I’m an Android fan, but I do love to watch the Apple products. I would likely not ever own an iPhone or iPad again (I was a first-generation adopter), but that’s due more to the false restrictiveness Apple imposes. Let it not be said that Apple does not create a great product.

    I have to wonder, though: would Steve Jobs have approved of making the next-generation iPad thicker and heavier than the previous generation? I believe he would have found features to cut, or software optimizations, or just better power management of hardware to keep the thickness the same in the non-LTE versions. In fact, he may have gone so far as to have left the “retina” screen out of this generation in order to work on battery tech in-house.

    But that’s all just speculation at this point.

  • I certainly looks nice.  What about the battery heat?  Did you find it to be uncomfortably hot, or just a little warmer than the other models? 
    I’m curious to see what Apple comes up with next.  The iPad is a great product, but I’m wondering if they will continue to be as innovative with Steve Jobs’ passing.

  • Anonymous

    Apple has hit the form factor just right. Having used an iPad, I like the way it feels in your hands. From here on for Apple it looks like it’ll be minor improvements here and there for the hardware, such as better processor better camera. That’s fine with me. I’d love to see the new Retina in person, but that’ll have to wait. I’m looking forward to future software improvements, can’t wait to see what iOS 6.0 holds.

  • There just isn’t enough of an upgrade to get this iPad if you already have an iPad2.

  • Julane

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been a skeptic when it comes to the iPad but your review has sold me on the idea that I could combine all my needs on my work computer with the entertainment and versatility of the iPad. Having a battery that will last thru long travel trips and the resolution of Retina are important to me, as well as the availability of apps from At&T. In term of thickness and weight, anything beats packing my old laptop!

  • This is one the best, most thorough reviews of the new iPad! Thank you! Pretty much every question i had regarding comparison to the previous iPads and function was answered here!  Amazing work!  Now i just have to find a good deal & i’m sold. 🙂  Thanks again!

  • I’ve seen this in the store but I really don’t think its a large enough upgrade to justify me ditching my iPad 2 for it. The screen is great but I’m still hoping for some other features that Apple will likely never include. And, lets face it, I will probably buy this or the 2013 iPad next year.

  • Evan Sarmiento

    Personally, I wish the iPAD would have a fold out keyboard like the ASUS Transformer. It seems nearly impossible to get any ‘real work’ done on an iPAD except that perhaps you might be able to twiddle your thumbs and play angry bird or pretend to take notes at a meeting with an obnoxiously sized pen. I don’t get this ‘tablet’ obsession- they are literally deformed laptops with no real staying power except that people are becoming to stupid to remember the QWERTY system that we learned in school with our friend mavis beacon. Now, I’d still like to win this.

  • Cedric

    Very thorough review. I have heard of overheating issues and other technical issues that may hinder this version’s success, but from what I’ve read here (and not being an iPad owner myself), I think I could very much be interested in owning one. It would certainly make my life a lot easier, that’s for sure…
    I’m excited to see where tablets will go in a year or two from now. They’re evolving so quickly already!

  • I enjoyed the review. I wanted to see what the fuss was all about so went to Best Buy to take a look at the new iPad. I definitely want one but I’ll have to wait until the price goes down. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Great Review! I really want to see the retina display for myself. I would use an ipad for watching movies in bed and reading so this awesome display would be worth it.

  • Great review! i like how you cover almost everything of the new iPad and thanks for taking those pictures and video for us the see the quality of the camera compare to the previous gen. I’m really excited about the Retina display on the new ipad. Everything looks so beautiful on there, but maybe because i came from the 1st gen ipad, that’s why I can spot the big different. 

  • Anonymous

    Great review, looking forward to experiencing The Retina Display. Still remember the first day I watched HDTV and had to watch all those nature shows over and over again, showing the bugs close-up.

  • Carlos

    I’ve read about the disappointment of a number of people regarding the new iPad’s “lack” of innovation, save for the quad-core GPU and RAM bump, which they say didn’t really make any difference as the upgrade was merely made to support Retina Display. However, it seems that indeed, it is the Retina Display that’s a game changer here as a number of people has likewise professed their allegiance to the awesomeness of the Retina Display experience. The only issue I see here, and as evidenced by some of the reports that started to trickle in, is since the Retina Display requires higher resolution images, the file sizes of the assets needed by web pages and apps that are Retina Display compliant would obviously be bigger than normal. Now this wouldn’t be such of a problem with WiFi connections, but I can imagine the problems it can have for mobile-connected iPads.

  • Despite the fact that this review was a little biased, I think you went straight to the point and enlightened us about this New iPad! Nevertheless I wonder how great this leap was to the tablet industry: the overheating problem, the deceiving idea of 4x the power of Tegra 3, the lack of worldwide 4G connectivity, it all seems like a so-so product from the company that often surprises us. Sure the screen looks pristine and outstanding, the new apps look amazing, mostly the iPhoto one. I guess that I could only take a final conclusion when I have the possibility of trying it throughout a few weeks.
    And for last: how would this monstrous battery perform on the iPad 2 hardware??

  • Andre sinclair

    i do love the screen and what they came with but why not a new look say i have the 3 and some one has the 2 can some one tell can they say right away hey you have the 3 and it should have a quad core would a have been good

  • Anonymous

    That retina screen sounds amazing. Can’t wait to go to the apple store and try one out. I bet this tablet will be great for games. All that processor power. The battery life sounds really solid as well. Would love to win one of these!

  • This new Ipad sounds absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see the new retina display! I think that is my favorite feature of the new Ipad! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! I followed both people on Twitter and liked both on Facebook.

  • Tobias_ericson

    I want to win an iPad!”

  • I’ve never owned an iPad and have only recently tested an iPad 2 at a local store.  When the new iPad came out touting the Retina Display, I thought “how much better could it be?  the iPad 2 looked amazing as it was”.  This weekend, however, I tested the new iPad and Wow!  I couldn’t believe how sharp and clear the screen was.  I’ve been looking at tablets and more specifically graphics tablets, and I think I finally found one!  Now I just need to find a bag full of money lying around…

  • I can live the without the camera but that screen resolution looks amazing. I’d probably still rock an iPad 2 but if I had the extra c-note, i’ll spring for the iPad 3…i mean the “new iPad.”

  • Sarah Hirsch

    I would love to give the new ipad a try.  I am most interested in checking out the retina display.  I don’t even fully understand what the difference will be (and I thought the previous display was pretty good!) so I think it is one of those situations where you have to see to believe, like the difference between TV and HDTV.  The new ipad sounds like a great device to have. 
    Sarah Hirsch on fb
    @stigay on twitter

  • Anonymous

    I really want to test out the retina display. The battery life seems amazing as well. thanks for the great in-depth review. This would be an awesome device to win!

  • Pamela Tenyak

    I have not seen the new iPad yet but everyone I have spoke to says the retina display is amazing.  I do know that you can’t go wrong buying an Apple product.  Their customer service is fabulous. So I am saving my pennies so I can upgrade from my iPad. 

  • Anonymous

    This does sound like the best tablet on the market right now for the price. Love that there are so many apps you can get for it. I have to try out that Retina display, it sounds amazing. Thanks for the ipad giveaway, crossing my fingers! – marilynJ

  • erica best

    I love all the new stuff they put in the ipad3  i have a ipad 1 and it sucks now i would love to have new one with the camera i would use to talk to my friend . thanks for the fun the giveaway 

  • I really enjoyed this review very informative, I personally have never owned an Ipad, but just the description of the retina display makes me want to own one. The overall review is informative without being high fluent, two thumbs up.

  • Pkalltheway2000

    i have read the new ipad review…i don’t think there is really anything to add other than the retina display…everything else stays pretty much the same (compare to ipad 2)…except its A5X duo processor with quad core graphics card…bigger battery, a little bit bigger chassis…regardless i think i will still buy the new ipad…i think the biggest selling point to me is the retina display on the new ipad…it blows all competition away…last but not the least…this is a great review.

  • i’m really excited about the retina display. I thought the picture was pretty darn good on the ipad 1.. so i cant wait to see what they’ve done with this new model. I am also happy about the improved battery life. the ipad 1 that i have has to be charged daily and i only use it for a few hours each day..

  • SmashingPlanets

    Thanks for the great review. I would love to see the retina display in action. Too bad the ipad is a bit thicker than the ipad 2 but as long as they keep the great battery life, that is ok. 

  • SmashingPlanets

    Thanks for the great review. I would love to see the retina display in action. Too bad the ipad is a bit thicker than the ipad 2 but as long as they keep the great battery life, that is ok. 

  • Eddie

    Wow, The Video camera on this Tablet is better than the quality I have on a $300 Camera I bought last year. I am really excited about that!  I do not know if there are any HD cameras for an equivalent price.  Would like to see how well the video turns out in an indoor environment though.

  • SStewart

    The new ipad would be great for playing games on. Sounds like the battery life is still amazing. The retina display would make reading a pleasure on this device. I do wish it has Siri support. Thanks for the in-depth review!

  • This just proves that Android tablets still have a long way to go to compete realistically in the tablet marketplace. Top quality build construction, Retina Display, optimized hardware, excellent camera, 1080p video/multimedia…what more could you ask for. Oh wait, just one more thing :):
    Excellent Battery Life too!
    Nice, indepth review guys.

  • Craig

    I love the retina display, well played apple. Outstanding review, covered all the bases. I could only wish ALL tablet and smartphone reviews were this well done. Kudos

  • I’m really impressed with the fact that Apple was able to improve the iPad and still keep the price the same! The newer high-resolution screen looks fantastic and the improved CPU and GPU is a serious powerhouse. Even with a few concerns about heat and battery life, its still looks like the best tablet on the market.

  • Great review, sounds like Apple has packed quite a few new features,  The improved camera and GPU are and display are very enticing. Looking forward to getting one myself sometime soon.

  • Great review, sounds like Apple has packed quite a few new features,  The improved camera and GPU are and display are very enticing. Looking forward to getting one myself sometime soon.

  • Shan320m

    Great in depth review of the iPad. I’m surprised apple was able to pack that screen and 4G LTE and still keep it almost as thin as the iPad 2. 

  • Cseamster

    The retina display sounds incredible. I want to see it in person to see how amazing the picture is. I’m new to the Apple world, having just bought an iPhone 4S. Looking forward to seeing all my photos on the iPad via the iCloud. Thanks for the in depth review. Very thorough and well written.

  • Anonymous

    The retina display is the best part of the new ipad.  I’m an amateur photographer and the retina display makes the IPad a great tool for displaying and sharing photos.  I’ll still use my camera to take photos but I’l  display and share them on an Ipad.

  • Daniel Jones

    Thanks for this review! Still an iPad 1 user here, and while I’ve seen a few reviews this was the first one that taught me something new in a couple of weeks, YAY!!  Didn’t realize the iPad “3” was a hair thicker than the 2! Which is fine with me, one of the reasons I haven’t abandoned the 1 is that the thickness feels, uh, safer to me… like less easy to break. So I’m allllll for being heavier or thicker than the two if it comes with better features and specs. And always a bummer on Siri… I might would wait for ONE more special feature to come out before upgrading but the speed and reliability just might have me hitting you guys up for the newest model ASAP! Oh, and since I originally arrived here via the LogMeIn promo… love them too! One time I desperately needed the next Hunger Games book in the series and my Nook app wouldn’t let me buy from outside of the USA, was on vacation in China, so I bought it in the “US” by using my LogMeIn App, heh!

  • I agree, had to see it in store to witness it.  New screen is awesome.  I believe in the post pc era, just not this generation.  I’ve never owned an iPad, but I can certainly see this device logging more time than my laptop….just not the desktop.  Not happy about the front facing cam not receiving an HD upgrade, but overall this ipad warrants a serious look for those shopping for a tablet.   I appreciate the review, made me think about getting the 32 GB model instead of 16 as planned.  Especially since I’ll be consuming alot of HD content.  

  • Travis Keany

    I’m typically an Android guy but it really is hard to deny the quality of that screen.

  • Interesting review.  I like how you point out that the Apple ecosystem is one of the deciding factors to get this over another tablet device. 

    I also like how you touched on some of the limitations such as video format limitation and the lack of Siri.  All things that can be overlooked if they are not important to you.  I watch a lot of video on my tablet (2 hour train ride each day) and got frustrated that my video library had to be in Apple’s “approved” format. 

    As a side note my son (6 years old) loves using my tablet as a camera.  I have found that using it as a video camera gives a great view of what you are capturing.

  • Nancy Schools

    Great, in-depth review.  I would love to have any iPad but this display sounds fanatastic.

  • I really have to read this over, there is so much on the new ipad- the retina display is one that pulls me in as well as all the add  addons.

  • Keith Buchhalter

    By far one of the bests reviews I read. Great material and in depth observations.

  • Rajee

    I love to read your review over again to understand its feature fully. I think the battery will stay for 10 hours while we work on social media network.

  • Tian Hapsari

    Thank you so much for the great review. I’m so satisfied read your review about new ipad feature: Retina Display. Everyone is talking about the new feature and they said it’s amazing. When you said that the quality is much better than HDTV, then that enough said! Nothing compare to iPad display! iPad is truly OUTSTANDING! 🙂

  • Lunatick314

    Good review! It answered all the questions most would have about the product. The final take is what I really wanted to know because this is a very reputable site and this wouldn’t be the first time I looked for you guys opinion on a product and I’m sure it’s not the last. Keep it up!

  • Yummy Cupcakes 🙂 TY for the great review. I have been wondering about the Retina display. I wondered if it made a huge difference. I wasnt sure if it would take up more storage space. From your review I guess it does. 
    I have to agree about the looking dumb taking the pictures rear facing. 
    My final take, I think you have sold me 🙂

  • Goodluckkitty999

    Nice review, lots of info…. I like that the camera is improved. Battery life sounds like it stayed the same. Who cares if the new ipad is a bit thicker if it has the power of 4G LTE. Retina display is something I have to see for myself. I think the new ipad is probably the best tablet on the market right now. Hope I win one!

  • Justin Martino

    I am very impressed with the camera and the display. I wish the non 3/4G version had true GPS, but wifi on the road is hard to come by 😉

  • What an impressive review!  I think I would like that the new one is a little heavier too.  The battery life on the new ipad will be great for when my daughter takes hers to school.  It is great to know about the iphoto app, we love taking pictures and it would be great using an ipad.  The Retina display sounds great and I am so glad they have included that in the new ipad as well.

    • Facebook name is Sonya Morris.
      Twitter username is @catholicfanatic:disqus 
      Thanks again for the great review!

    • Facebook name is Sonya Morris.
      Twitter username is @catholicfanatic:disqus 
      Thanks again for the great review!

  • Excellent source of information!  It’s nice to see what all has really been improved upon.  I’m looking forward to trying out that excellent battery life, quad core gpu, and retina display.  I believe bluetooth 4.0 will also lead to some impressive stylus designs to come.  I do wish their price increase wasn’t so large between 16gb, 32gb and 64gb … but that’s my only complaint!

  • Damon Aldora

    It’s been about a month since I bought my iPad, and I have had a great time with it. It is still very easy to use and very fast. I stream quite a lot, and LTE definitely makes a difference in how long I am sitting there waiting for a movie to load. I use the DISH Remote Access app when I want to stream recorded movies and live shows from my receiver to my iPad. I usually watch while I’m on lunch at DISH where I work or while I’m at school waiting for class to start. I think anyone who gives it a try will like it a lot.

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