Microsoft files for a pair of smart watch patents

Microsoft will join the smart watch market later this year, as we’ve previously reported. The Redmond giant has been filing for patents left and right to prepare an adequate IP portfolio, and eventually prevent others from using its technology. Or at least make some money when third parties decide to use it [technology]. Recently, WMpoweruser…

iPhone with holographic screen concept looks amazing

iPhone with holographic screen concept looks amazing

Apple has recently scored a patent for a holographic screen, prompting one designer to show us how an iPhone equipped with this technology could look like. And what he came up with is nothing short of amazing. While we’re sure a phone with this technology is still years away, it is kinda nice to look…

This is how BlackBerry Q20 could look like… or not

BlackBerry Q20 concept

A few days ago BlackBerry announced two new phones, the Z3 for Indonesia, and QWERTY keyboard-equipped Q20. Thus far we’ve only seen the former while the latter will be unveiled later in the year. That, however, doesn’t stop designers from coming up with their own mockups. And what you can see on the image above…

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