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BlackBerry Theme Studio 6 Beta Released with Army of Bugs


An overlooked announcement here at DevCon was the release of BlackBerry Theme Studio 6, screenshots of which had leaked a few weeks ago. Even though the tool might be just a little overshadowed by the announcement of the BlackBerry PlayBook, the new studio will allow theme developers to finally start tweaking the BlackBerry Torch 9800’s…

BlackBerry Enterprise App Middleware Eases Business Software Development


RIM announced a new enterprise-grade application development tool for BlackBerry today called BEAM, which aims to address challenges in compatibility and connectivity for end-to-end corporate mobility software solutions. What exactly that entails is well over my head, but the BlackBerry Enterprise App Middleware SDK will likely be the first stop for developers working on custom…

RIM Waives BlackBerry App World Vendor Fees


Amidst today’s many announcements at the BlackBerry Developer Conference, RIM has said that for a limited time, they will be waiving the usual submission fee to get into their official application portal, App World. This move is reminiscent of Palm’s not too long ago, which puts a dent against my comparison of the two companies.…

RIM Introduces the BlackBerry PlayBook


It’s what BlackBerry fanatics have been waiting for, and it’s finally here — a tablet computer from RIM. Gone is the BlackPad name, though no one was ever really sure that’s what it would be called, and instead we have the BlackBerry PlayBook. It has multitasking, Flash, music multimedia and despite its capabilities and its…

BlackBerry Widgets Renamed WebWorks, Goes Open Source


BlackBerry Widgets, a web-based development platform RIM had released in October, has been renamed WebWorks, and will be an open-source project. Using the BlackBerry Web App Packager, developers will be able to create full-fledged programs using familiar web languages, like HTML5, CSS, XML and the like. RIM made bold claims about their significant contributions to…

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