BlackBerry World 2011

Vevo Music Video App Coming Soon to BlackBerry PlayBook


Those of you into music, and more specifically music videos, will have probably heard of Vevo. They offer over 25,000 free legal Flash-powered music videos, namely on YouTube, thanks to partnerships with Universal and Sony. Some welcome news out of BlackBerry World last week was that they’re going to be launching a PlayBook app to…

Unsubscribe for BlackBerry Fights Smartphone Spam


One app to make its debut at BlackBerry World last week was Unsubscribe. They’ve been getting cozy with desktop e-mail through Outlook and Gmail since late last year, and are now moving into mobile starting with BlackBerry. While any decent e-mail-based marketing not caught by your built-in spam filter will offer an “unsubscribe me” link,…

Poynt for BlackBerry PlayBook Adds Sharing to Smartphone


RIM has spent a lot of time cultivating and justifying Bridge, the Bluetooth pairing process that shares data between a BlackBerry smartphone and the new PlayBook tablet. Though they haven’t opened up that potentially promising mechanism to third-party app developers yet, that hasn’t stopped location-based search app, Poynt, from offering a pairing connection through standard…

Video: BlackBerry PlayBook Running Multiplayer Quake


The clever guys at RIM-owned The Astonishing Tribe have ported the open-source first-gen Quake game to the BlackBerry PlayBook, and have the game running in multiplayer across three tablets. One device acted as the server, and all three could handle laser beams, explosions, and gibby body parts all while maintaining 60 frames per second. RIM…

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