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Facebook Will Force Users to Use Standalone Messenger App Soon


The days of messaging Facebook friends through the Facebook mobile app are quickly coming to an end. According to TechCrunch, Facebook will force its users with and iPhone or Android device to use the standalone Facebook Messenger app to chat with friends, removing the feature completely from the Facebook app itself. Facebook users on the…

Batman: Arkham Origins Blasts onto Android Devices


Released on iOS late last year, Batman: Arkham Origins is now available for Android devices, letting Batman fans punch and kick their way through a new mobile Batman adventure. The mobile game is based on the console game of the same title, but that’s where the differences end. The mobile version of Arkham Origins is a…

iPhone 6 rear logo to light up for notifications?

iPhone 6 rear logo to light up for notifications?

Another day, another iPhone 6 rumor… The new information suggests that Apple could use its own logo, located at the back of the phone, to light up for notifications. This should inform users about new messages, tweets, Facebook updates and so on, when the iPhone is face down. In addition, the same plastic logo would…

Infographic: Here’s the iPhone 6


Apple has been keeping a tight lip about the iPhone 6, but that hasn’t stopped a torrent of leaks and rumors to surface about Apple’s next iPhone. So much has been said about the iPhone 6 that it’s hard to keep all of the rumors straight. A new infographic is here to explain the iPhone…

Future iPhones will know when they’ve been stolen

Future iPhones will know when they've been stolen

Companies file for patents all the time and more often than not, technologies described in these patents never materialize in the real-world products. Apple is no exception but we still like to see what Cupertino boy and girls are Cook-ing behind the closed doors, at least to get the hints of how their devices will…

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